Proven digital solutions for sustainable shipping

Protect margins, improve safety, automate manual processes, and meet emissions reporting demands.

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Liberate ship data and lower costs for more sustainable operations

Make better decisions in less time while lowering expenditures and emissions.

Work safer: Protect workers and prevent incidents

Gain actionable insights, inform workers, and prevent costly negative events at sea with the ability to identify asset failures ahead of time, automate tasks and take action remotely.

Work smarter: Unify and use fragmented data

Simplify and improve how work is done with digital infrastructure, applications, and enabling workflows that connect people and data fleetwide to strengthen decision-making.

Work greener: Meet IMO reporting demands better

Bring greater transparency to operations and reduce fuel consumption with route optimization capabilities, improved emissions tracking, and faster, automated reporting.

State of maritime emissions

Is the global fleet ready?


New 2023 IMO regulations targets to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.


Yet, today’s global fleet will receive a failing CII grade (D or E) of 51.9%. Bearing Research, 2023

Enabling safety and sustainability in shipping

The world’s largest maritime companies trust Kongsberg Digital.

Plan, report, and spend better

Strengthen voyage management

Run vessels optimally. Improve voyage planning and optimise fuel and hull costs with data visibility and the ability to test different scenarios to achieve efficiency gains. Determine what factors are affecting fuel consumption and unnecessary operating costs and reduce waste.

Manage emissions and operations reporting better

Maritime companies can track, monitor and report on emissions and operations better with fuller data transparency and always-available reporting capabilities. Easily share fleet operational performance data with multiple stakeholders, including charterers. Understand the potential advantages of operating with alternative fuels.

Improve maintenance and avoid downtime

Increased data visibility and transparency coupled with the ability to proactively monitor asset performance health enables merchant marine shipping companies to minimise safety risks. Move from time-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance with access to complete data through the Industrial Work Surface.

Work efficiently

Access and use data fast

Make unified and integrated data available to all stakeholders from offshore to onshore and across operations. Enable smart data-driven decision support with data visibility and the ability to monitor performance. Prevent incidents with real-time insights continually available as conditions change.

Enhance collaboration and save time

Eliminate manual and duplicate data entry across multiple systems. Stop wasting time hunting for and aggregating data. Perform tasks better in less time with intelligent workflows and automation, improving how work is done through a shared workflow experience. Improve collaboration efficiency as much as 70%.

Grow capabilities

Manage operations better by growing cyber-secure digital capabilities confidently and at the right pace with access to software applications through our continually-growing open application marketplace. Receive guidance on the most critical applications to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness with guidance from our customer success team.

Transform confidently, at your own pace

Standardise onboarding processes

Kongsberg Digital simplifies digitalization and masks its complexity. Our customer success team guides our customers as their strategic partner, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively in months, not years

Training support

We understand skilled and competent crew is a key success factor to succeed in the maritime industry. Kongsberg Digital offers training solutions to build sea skills in a controlled and safe environment.

Embed unmatched domain expertise into your operations

Kongsberg Digital has worked with world’s largest maritime companies as they digitally transform. Our purpose-built digital solutions have been developed and de-risked with market leaders and incorporate hundreds of years of maritime expertise.

Fulfilling the ambitions of market leaders

Working together to accelerate towards net-zero emissions.

Today, with more integrated and connected vessels and systems, and rapidly evolving digital technologies, we must be more agile, which makes broad cooperation more vital than ever. We highly value our work with Samsung and Kongsberg. Their openness, future-orientated focus and constructive approach enables us to develop standards that can help enable the whole industry to enhance data infrastructure, exchange and use.”

Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen

DNV Maritime

With Kongsberg Digital and the Vessel Insight data infrastructure we will be able to optimize our vessel operations to become more effective, sustainable, and safer. The maritime industry is facing strict regulatory requirements to cut emissions and become more sustainable, and we are therefore very pleased and proud to have secured this contract. This is an important step on the way towards a greener operation.”

Gianluigi De Maio

Manager of Fleet-Network-Terminal Efficiency

Like us, our customers and partners focus on sustainability, electrifying their products, and decarbonizing their supply chains. Our fleet is one of the most environmentally friendly car carriers ever built. The additional insight and more rapid and cost-effective vessel management provided by Kongsberg Digital's digital twin will supercharge their environmental performance and enable future benefits faster. We already see benefits on trim optimization, but when we add the data around other facets of vessel operation, along with training and maintenance, we expect further benefits and savings to come thick and fast.”

Sebjørn Dahl

Chief Operations Officer
Höegh Autoliners

Vale transports iron ore in the most efficient vessels in the world, but we believe there are still further energy efficient gains to be captured to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.  Data analytics is key to measure the performance of the new technologies and make evidence-based strategic decisions. This pioneering project shows our commitment to supporting the shipping industry in fulfilling the ambitions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).”

Rodrigo Bermelho

Shipping Technical Manager

Vessel Insight will provide valuable analysis and contextual data, which will be used to optimize operations. With continuous improvement, we are one step closer to more transparent and greener shipping.”

Mr. Kamran Mahmood Khan

Director Fleet VM
Soechi Group

At our K-Sim simulators, our students have broken equipment worth almost 180 million USD during the last 10 years. If we have prevented just 5% of these accidents from happening in real life, we still have saved Mærsk Supply Service millions of dollars.”

Tonny Moeller

Group Operations Manager
Mærsk Training Center

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