See How Executives Across Industrial Sectors Rank Their Biggest Challenges

Professionals in heavy-asset industries like energy, utilities, renewables, maritime, and manufacturing must navigate a highly competitive landscape where they encounter a range of challenges — from unpredictable geopolitical shifts to ever-changing regulations.

To learn how the 300 specialists, managers, and C-level leaders we surveyed from around the world rank those challenges – and plan to address them – download your free copy of the research report, "The State of Digital Technology and Efficiency Across Key Industrial Sectors".


Inside, you'll discover:

  • The top 7 challenges industrial professionals in energy, utilities, renewables, and maritime say they encounter in their roles
  • 3 actions that professionals in heavy-asset industries must take to gain a competitive edge in their sector
  • Why only 5% of industrial professionals say their access to data allows them to make decisions very quickly

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