Improve performance for wells, drilling, and completions

Channel decades of hard-won domain expertise from the energy sector into tangible, immediate benefits across your well, drilling, and completion operations.

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Reduce costs and drive higher returns for wells

Increase visibility, access more accurate information, and enable collaborative problem-solving.

Enhance operational decisions

Enhance operational decision-making

Apply predictive solutions to your real-time data so you can make better decisions, faster — even during critical operations.

Facilitate more reliable drilling and wells operations

Transform previously untapped data into superior insights that help improve well placement and streamline construction - ultimately increasing production.

Reduce costly non-productive time events

Better visibility into your operations will help you prevent non-productive time (NPT) and other unwanted surprises from compromising your productivity.

Streamline completion tasks to expedite production

When drilling is complete, the real-time data and visualisations within the Industrial Work Surface will enable your engineers to get your wells ready for production faster.

Ramp up operational safety

With more visibility you can manage more operations remotely, reduce the need for offshore personnel, and facilitate real-time alerts about issues that might compromise safety.

Maximise uptime and continuous productivity

Leverage meaningful data and intuitive visualisations to streamline well drilling, preparation, and construction — then maximise uptime and productivity when it goes into operation.

Put these capabilities to work for your business

Generate valuable insights for better decision-making

Use SiteCom® – the Industrial Work Surface for well operations – to turn mountains of unoperational data into superior insights for decision-making.

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Optimise your well construction projects

The consoles within SiteCom® Well Advisor enable you to leverage data from multiple platforms to better navigate the day-to-day realities of well construction. The result is more timely decisions, more efficient workflows, and reduced NPT.

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Simplify rig management activities

Rig Manager® is a unique integrated rig management software solution developed to meet the many challenges of managing offshore installations. It helps you improve drilling vessel management and make daily operations more efficient.

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Apply our expertise to your operations

Channel our deep sector knowledge and digital solutions expertise into tangible benefits across all your operations.



Well Advisor has been used for more than 400 casing/liner/completion tubing running operations.


Offshore deployments

Well Advisor has been deployed around the globe on 32 offshore installations.


Million saved

When last measured, the estimated value of reduced NPT for one of our partners using Well Advisor was $200 million.

See who trusts Kongsberg Digital solutions

The largest energy companies use the Industrial Work Surface to improve drilling efficiency and operational safety.

BP logo
We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Rereidouin Abbassian

Vice President

Repsol logo
In drilling, any unplanned stop implies a very high cost. With SiteCom®, we know what happens in real-time.”

Renata Martin

Head of Inwell Control Center

Take a closer look at the Industrial Work Surface

Learn more about how the Industrial Work Surface will help you optimise your quality assurance activities.

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The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training event. I/ITSEC consists of peer-reviewed paper presentations, tutorials, special events, professional workshops, a commercial exhibit hall, a serious games competition, and STEM events for teachers and secondary students. I/ITSEC is organized and sponsored by the National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA), which promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation within the fields of modeling and simulation (M&S), training, education, analysis, and related disciplines at this annual meeting. The NTSA is an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Hence, I/ITSEC also emphasizes themes related to defense and security.

South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
2-6 December, 2024

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The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)


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