Frontline and Kongsberg Digital partner up for a digital future

Frontline and Kongsberg Digital partner up for a digital future

June 5, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

Over the last year, Kongsberg Digital has worked together with Frontline to digitalise around 100 of their operated vessels. As the maritime industry is pressured to operate more sustainably, a strong focus on fuel efficiency and energy management is essential to surviving in a highly competitive market – especially with increasing taxation on CO2 emissions from ships anticipated in the years to come.

In such a transition, sustainability and digitalisation will go hand in hand. Frontline vessels will be using Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight solution to drive optimisations for individual vessels and entire fleets, helping Frontline adapt to the evolving needs and challenges of the sector.

Frontline operates a fleet of owned vessels with an average age of 5 years, positioning them as one of the global leaders in terms of fleet modernity and energy efficiency in their respective segments. Frontline’s superior carbon intensity rating (CII) shows a strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining air quality, surpassing the decarbonisation trajectories set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the Poseidon Principles. By implementing a digital strategy that integrates transformative technology into operations, Frontline continues to reinforce this commitment to more sustainable and energy-efficient operations.

From getting vessels connected to applying data-driven insights for reduced fuel consumption, let’s look at how Frontline has been using Kongsberg Digital’s technology and industry expertise to solve some of the biggest challenges in the maritime industry – while remaining a segment leader in outperforming benchmark standards.

What is Vessel Insight?

  • A vessel-to-cloud infrastructure solution to help you navigate a sea of new requirements.
  • Turn data into new business opportunities and use insights to reduce fuel consumption and minimise human errors.
  • Report on regulatory requirements.
  • Simplify collaboration both onboard and onshore, and use Vessel Insight Marketplace to access a large range of partner applications that help you digitise your vessel operations in a cost-efficient and secure way.
  • Redefine how you work.
  • Frontline focuses on finding solutions that deliver real results. We are always looking for innovative solutions to operate as efficiently as possible – ones that significantly improve the way we work, to better equip us for the future of maritime.

    Lars Pedersen, CTO Frontline

    Connecting vessels

    Vessels generate many gigabytes of data per day. The first step of any digital journey? Capture this data from any source onboard – including automation systems, navigation, fuel oil flow and torque meters, engines, and more – to create a unified data structure in the cloud. Kongsberg Digital provides data collection and connectivity hardware for sensors and computers onboard, facilitating the collection and contextualisation of data so that it is available for analysis ashore. This lays the groundwork for a solid data foundation, with data made available to use in applications and business intelligence. We call it vessel-to-cloud infrastructure.

    For Frontline, this means data is available to use in Vessel Insight applications that cover use cases including weather resistance indications, trim optimisations, and emissions monitoring. With connected data, a maritime digital twin is built to track real-time data and provide continuous recommendations for performance optimizations. Frontline employs a truly data-driven sustainability approach, leveraging Vessel Insight data analyses and support functions to minimise the environmental impact of operations.

    Together with Frontline, we are primed to reshape the maritime sector and establish a new era of excellence for safer and more sustainable operations. This sets an exemplary standard for the industry, showcasing the power of digital solutions to accelerate operational effectiveness.

    Shane McArdle, CEO of Kongsberg Digital

    Let’s talk results

    Of course, the adoption of new technology comes with a set of expectations. Stakeholders and investors want to see the returns on investment as early as possible. End-users want to experience that the technology is truly making it easier for them to do their daily work. Maritime operators don’t need more systems – they need better ones.

    As part of its energy efficiency project ‘Decarbonisation journey towards IMO 2030-2050’, Frontline has fully digitalised ship performance data to better monitor, manage, and report ESG-related key performance indicators. Vessel Insight is used in conjunction with partnership offerings to accelerate progress toward the goal of fully connected vessels that operate in the most sustainable way possible. Frontline is effectively utilising industrial software solutions to optimise operations, reduce emissions, and adapt to evolving regulations. This strategic approach strengthens Frontline’s digital capabilities, helping the company to mitigate risks and seize environmental opportunities by operating more efficient vessels and fleets.

    It is humbling to see that Kongsberg Digital’s products are making a positive impact, and it’s a strong reflection of our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that provide real value and help our customers achieve their goals. The use of innovative technology also enables Frontline to balance the interests and expectations of stakeholders including investors, analysts, employees, customers, and suppliers, while creating long-term value through a sustainability strategy that keeps the safety of people, the planet, and our oceans a priority, without compromise.

    Breaking new ground

    The data foundation is built. The results of Frontline’s digitalisation journey are becoming tangible. And new ground has been broken for the start of a strong relationship that will continue to strengthen the value of digitalisation across the industry. Through Frontline’s collaboration with Kongsberg Digital, we can innovate and solve the challenges of the maritime industry in the best way possible: together.

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    Frontline and Kongsberg Digital partner up for a digital future

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