Unlock a new level of safety for your industrial operations

Level up with technology to secure the safety of production facilities and vessels. Whether onboard or offshore, reduce the risk of hazardous situations to build a safer tomorrow.

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Apply insights from data to improve
behaviours and processes

Equipped within sights generated directly from your data and operations, everyone can take action to put safety first.

Sync up for safety

Help business units improve communication and share knowledge across teams. Remote work and monitoring opportunities mean anyone can sync up for safety from anywhere in the world.

Explore all possibilities

Looking for a risk-free testing environment? Leverage simulation capabilities to preview what-if scenarios digitally before implementing them in the real world.

Speed up your response time

Want to improve incident response times? With real-time monitoring capabilities, stakeholders and operators can detect incidents as they occur and take action immediately.

Skill up for safety success

Looking to sharply reduce accidents and injuries? Use simulators to familiarise workers with standard operating procedures and risk mitigation measures in a safe environment.

Measure, analyse, and improve

Maximise safety with a proven process.  Apply insights from past incidents to measure, analyse, and improve site safety procedures for compliance with industry regulations.

Use the power of predictive maintenance

Want to promote a culture of safety? Capabilities like predictive maintenance and proactive monitoring help improve the maintenance and operation of equipment and assets.

Level up your operations with safety-first solutions

Health, safety, and environment

Get access to the information you need to better understand and manage risk – risk to people, the environment, and the organisation. The Industrial Work Surface leads to improvements in safety performance and helps reduce the risk of incidents.

Isolation management

Safety is the first priority when securing an area or piece of equipment for upcoming maintenance work. Benefit from a single place to access all of the information you need. This is isolation planning  and safety made digital.

Simulation and training

Simulate standard, high-risk, and infrequent operational scenarios in a highly realistic virtual environment. Train employees to deal with daily and emergency scenarios, and standardise decision-making to minimise the risk of human errors.


Handle documentation and certificates. Share information and conduct incident reporting. Identify and correct non-compliance to avoid penalties. And do all of this digitally. Pain-free compliance for a more responsible and safer workplace.

Maximise business performance and drive more value

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface is already delivering measurable value.


New assets each year

Kongsberg Digital helps digitally transform up to 15 assets annually for the world’s largest oil and gas companies.


Reduction in time spent at work

The Industrial Work Surface enables users to instantly see where there will be conflicts with simultaneous operations.


Of users feel more efficient

With one system to plan, execute and close out work, 85% of users feel they are more efficient.

See why industry leaders are adopting the Industrial Work Surface

Every day, companies like yours use the Industrial Work Surface for better decision making that helps maximise business performance and drive value across the organisation.

This is really changing the way that engineers get work done. The speed of change in our industry requires us to think differently, act differently and support each other differently to have more impactful results in meeting the world’s energy needs.”

Keith Johnston

Digital Engineering

We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Fereidoun Abbassian

Vice President Technology

Take a closer look at the Industrial Work Surface

Learn how the Industrial Work Surface can help your business gain a clear competitive edge and help your internal experts achieve more high-quality work each day.

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See how Kongsberg Digital’s deep domain expertise helps industrial organisations achieve more.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, professionals face an array of challenges from technology advancements to shifting market dynamics. Do they have the right tooling to navigate these challenges and unlock the true potential of their business?

To answer this pivotal question, Kongsberg Digital partnered with market research firm NewtonX to conduct a comprehensive research survey of specialists, managers, and C-level leaders from key industries including energy, maritime, renewables, and utilities.  

“Digital technology, despite its seeming ubiquity, has only begun to penetrate industries. As it continues its advance, the implications for revenues, profits, and opportunities will be dramatic.” McKinsey report “Digital reinvention: Unlocking the ‘how’”

The insights captured from this group form the backbone of our insightful market report on industrial challenges and how digital technology can help – a 27-pager with dedicated sections for findings in specific industries to help you navigate the complexity of modern energy and maritime landscapes.

Why download?

  • Insights into industry dynamics: Dive into a wealth of research findings that offer a nuanced and data-driven understanding of the current maritime and energy landscapes.

  • Contextual understanding: Gain valuable context about prevalent industry challenges and discover potential solutions that could help you drive change.

“Did you know that just 5% of industrial professionals say their access to data allows them to make decisions very quickly? These numbers are not statistics that we have thrown together to scare you. Rather, this report uncovers trends that directly impact market dynamics to help you understand the pressing need to change how industries work and make decisions today – and the potential that digital technology has in driving the energy transition.” Haavard Oestensen, Chief Commercial Officer, Kongsberg Digital

“The report shows that most companies – whether small-sized with less than 500 employees or major players with more than 2,500 employees – see lack of qualified staff, lagging digital transformation efforts, and competition from other organisations as threats over the next five years. This report reveals gaps and opportunities in the market, raising awareness of where industries stand today when it comes to technology adoption. As a collective of industry changemakers, this information can help guide product strategies to develop solutions that will position businesses and people for sustainable success.” Stein-Roar Skånhaug Bjørnstad, Chief Product Officer, Kongsberg Digital.

“I find it interesting that across all industries, the top issue hindering productivity or business growth is applications that aren’t well enough connected to help streamline or automate processes. From a technology perspective, these numbers tell us something: whether energy or maritime, industries are in desperate need of solutions that can integrate seamlessly to facilitate a single environment with a solid data foundation – one that allows more informed decision-making by both key stakeholders and knowledge workers.” Øystein Hole, Chief Technology Officer, Kongsberg Digital.

We’re firm believers in the power of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-innovation as catalysts for progress. That’s why we’re making this report available to you, completely free of charge.  

Click the button above to download the report and equip yourself with insights that can help reshape your approach to industry challenges.  

How Executives Across Industrial Sectors Rank Their Biggest Challenges How Executives Across Industrial Sectors Rank Their Biggest Challenges

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