Kongsberg Digital partners with Ankeri to offer its Aware mobile application on the Marketplace

Kongsberg Digital partners with Ankeri to offer its Aware mobile application on the Marketplace

October 3, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce its latestpartnership with Ankeri, a leading provider of cloud-based software platformsfor the maritime industry. This collaboration will see Ankeri's Aware mobileapplication integration into Kongsberg Digital's marketplace for maritimeclients, offering users an intuitive tool to understand fleet performance andsustainability trends.


Aware is a mobile and desktop application that createseasy-to-grasp insight into fleet performance by leveraging the complex fleetdata created by vessel sensors and operation systems. By seamlessly integratingdata points such as position, GPS speed, and consumption figures, users cangain a comprehensive overview of a ship's performance without needing expertknowledge. The application emphasises collaboration, allowing users to providefeedback, interact, and contribute meaningfully. Beyond visualisation, Awaregenerates actionable insights from fleet performance data, prompting users tomake informed decisions.


The application is added to the marketplace forKongsberg Digital's maritime clients. Aware will use high-frequency dataextracted for the vessels using Kongsberg Digital's Vessel Insightship-to-cloud infrastructure. As the maritime industry is set to reduce itsemissions to meet new standards for lower emissions, Aware is equipped toprovide an engaging view of every vessel's Carbon Intensity Index (CII),ensuring users have an up-to-date view of CII development.


"At Kongsberg Digital, our mission is continuallyenhancing the maritime experience by integrating innovative solutions.Partnering with Ankeri and bringing the Aware application into our ecosystem reinforcesour commitment to this mission and ensures that our Vessel Insight users haveaccess to tools that simplify and amplify the value of their data," said KimEvanger, Director of Ecosystem at Kongsberg Digital.


"Ankeri was built on the premise of transformingthe maritime industry through the power of data. Our collaboration withKongsberg Digital is a significant stride towards this vision, allowing us toextend the capabilities of Aware to a broader community. Together, we'reempowering maritime professionals to harness data in ways that drive meaningfulchange and progress," said Kristinn Aspelund, CEO of Ankeri.

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Kongsberg Digital partners with Ankeri to offer its Aware mobile application on the Marketplace

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