This section contains the terms and conditions applicable to Kongsberg Digital’s different cloud-based SaaS solutions. You can access these documents within the links below.

For further information please contact us at mailbox-trust.

Legal documents

Please select the relevant SaaS solution to access the legal documents applicable to you.

Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem (Vessel Insight)  →

Here you will find legal documentation applicable for the Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem – a digital ecosystem consisting of Vessel Insight and the Kognifai Marketplace.

Kognitwin Energy  →

Here you will find legal documentation applicable for KOGNITWIN Energy – a digital twin solution designed for building and deploying digital twins as virtual representations of your physical facility, digitally transforming and improving your ways of working.

Kognitwin Grid Terms Of Use  →

Here you can find your rights and obligations with respect to the usage of KOGNITWIN Grid during a Proof of Concept period.

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