Enhance operations through sophisticated simulation

Access cloud-native versions of K-Spice or LedaFlow® so you can visualize and contextualize field production operations digitally from any location, at any time, 24/7.

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Leverage powerful, cloud-native simulation technology

Once these simulation engines are mapped with relevant data, they are integrateable and orchestrateable.

Easy to access


A powerful web frontend enabling access to cloud-based technology makes it easier than ever to monitor your simulations from any computer or device.



Your simulations will be container-based, so they can automatically scale to your needs. This enables you to run a unlimited number of sub-models or models with specific use cases.


Flexible and fast

Accessible from any device, all you need is your use login to resume where you last left off. When needed, additional computing power can be applied to facilitate faster simulations.

Gain the competitive edge in a rapidly repositioning energy industry

Navigate through realistic digital environments that replicate important facility assets.

Enable data-driven decision making at scale

Generate real-time insights

Through our cloud platform and the Industrial Work Surface, you can access high-fidelity, real-time simulations that reflect the current state of your process facilities. This better positions you to identify issues and opportunities that can help you improve day-to-day operations.

Access powerful simulation capability from anywhere

K-Spice enables detailed dynamic simulation of oil and gas processes and control systems throughout the whole process lifecycle. LedaFlow® is a dynamic multiphase flow simulator that ensures the safe continuous flow of oil and gas from the reservoir to processing facilities.

Test designs and 'what-if' scenars

Our cloud platform offers near-infinite scalability, so you can grab a snapshot of the current state of the simulation to run your own ‘what-if’ cases. You can also set the system to automatically trigger optimisation, sensitivity, or look-ahead simulations that report back to you with useful findings.

Access powefull
Test Designs

Facilitate simulation for many key areas

Maximise cost-efficiency for ongoing operations

Traditional simulation software can be expensive, with high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. With our cloud platform, you only pay for what you use, so you can save money while still accessing top-tier simulation capabilities.

Promote increased collaboration among key stakeholders

With the Industrial Work Surface, you can easily collaborate with others on real-time simulations, no matter where they are in the world. Share simulation results, collaborate on projects, and get feedback from your colleagues with ease.

Reduce energy consumption and emissions

Because Kognitwin Simulation is cloud-native, APIs can be used to integrate real-time data and other design information to accomplish a wide range of strategic goals. By testing and applying adjustments in virtual situations, your engineers can improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimise emissions.


See why industry leaders are adopting the Industrial Work Surface

Every day, companies like yours use the Industrial Work Surface for better decision making that helps maximise business performance and drive value across the organisation.

This is really changing the way that engineers get work done. The speed of change in our industry requires us to think differently, act differently and support each other differently to have more impactful results in meeting the world’s energy needs.”

Keith Johnston

Digital Engineering

We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Fereidoun Abbassian

Vice President Technology

Make your industrial vision a reality

Ready to take full advantage of digitalisation? Allow us to introduce you to the Industrial Work Surface. Let’s optimise what humans and technology can do together.

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