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New renewable energy additions to the power mix require new solutions. Build a digital thread from the start with technology for wind farms. Lower costs. Lower uncertainty.

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Make the best decisions early on

Access, manage, and act on large scale data for game-changing efficiency across operations.

Work smarter

Work smarter: Rethink the way you work today

Plan and design everything from offshore wind farms and integrated hybrid energy systems to workflows and processes digitally. Set a successful economic future for your project.

Work greener: A complete overview from seabed to blade-tip

A digital twin for offshore wind considers important information like foundation, mooring, power cables and the grid, in addition to weather, wave height, wildlife, vessel location and crew data.

Work smarter unify

Work safer: Optimise maintenance planning

Get insights on what work to do when, helping you to minimise vessel cost, crew cost and lost revenue while ensuring turbine performance and safety.

Benefit from solutions tailor-made for offshore wind

The world’s largest maritime companies trust Kongsberg Digital.

Use an intuitive cloud-based interface to visualise the design of your future wind farm.

Why go digital?

An all-in-one solution for the design and delivery phases

Get geospatial context for Environmental Impact Assessment reports and consenting workflows. Use a rich, editable 3D interface for integrated project design, validation and business case maturation. Explore optimal layout configurations for windfarm components. Dynamic feedback for CAPEX, AEP and project economics is just a click away.

Higher degrees of automation for the integrated design of floating systems

The digital twin will automatically generate anchors and mooring lines that relate to the foundation type and bathymetry. Another benefit of working digitally? Make use of third-party connectors to dynamic loading simulators for design validation from within the twin.

Do more with a digital thread

Move from linear and siloed systems to integrated and data-driven workflows in a single digital environment. Discover intuitive ways of working that offer a digital foundation for multiple workflows, covering the entire lifecycle of offshore wind farms. Do more with less.

Design and delivery phases

Plan for everything

An Industrial Work Surface that covers the entire wind farm

Building on digital twin technology, the Industrial Work Surface considers data from turbines, BoP (grid, floaters, transmission), vessels, crew and more to create a single environment where users can execute end-to-end workflows related to operations and maintenance.  Increase yield, reduce OPEX and maintain high standards of HSE.

Maintenance planning made easy

Use an optimisation module to schedule maintenance that considers factors including turbines, crew, weather and pricing. Benefit from maritime coordination and surveillance capabilities, workflows for logistics and work orders, spare parts tracking and manpower optimization.

Optimise delivery

Improve collaboration

Help your teams work together

A digital twin is a best-in-class collaboration tool, helping teams to share vital information within a single contextualised view. When data is easily accessible, designs can be streamlined to accelerate projects. Engineering teams can work together from remote locations to solve design challenges in a safer, faster and less costly way.

Increase worker efficiency with streamlined workflows for task management

Make it easy for team leaders to assign project tasks to individual users. Digital workflows ensure that assigned users get an overview of their tasks that includes any additional information, helping everyone to work more productively.

Optimise delivery

Boost efficiency with proven results

Invest in meeting the world’s growing energy demands with stronger emissions management.


Reduced Subsea Field Layout Design Time


Reduced Pre-FEED Reporting Time


Reduced Pipeline Routing Design Time

Market leaders trust Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital serves as a constant innovation partner for market leaders, enabling smarter operations and game-changing performance today and tomorrow.

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We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Fereidoun Abbassian

Vice President Technology

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This is really changing the way that engineers get work done. The speed of change in our industry requires us to think differently, act differently and support each other differently to have more impactful results in meeting the world’s energy needs.”

Keith Johnston

Manager,Digital Engineering

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With Vessel Performance, our crew onboard has been able to monitor and take immediate action in order to reduce running hours, fuel consumption, and emissions. With the new functionality, we will improve and optimise our operations even more in terms of cost, efficiency, and sustainability.”

Runar Stave

Olympic Subsea

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At our K-Sim simulators, our students have broken equipment worth almost 180 million USD during the last 10 years. If we have prevented just 5% of these accidents from happening in real life, we still have saved Mærsk Supply Service millions of dollars.”

Tonny Moeller

Group Operations Manager
Mærsk Training Center

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See how Kongsberg Digital’s deep domain expertise helps industrial organisations achieve more.

In our guide to future-proofing energy operations, we looked at how to make your operations safer, smarter and greener with digital technologies. This is crucial for oil and gas, renewables and utilities to realise the energy transition and meet mounting safety, efficiency and sustainability challenges. Now we want to share some hands-on tips for how to move forward on this while maximising the impact and ROI of your digitalisation investments.

1. Secure expertise in relevant technologies

Innovation is advancing rapidly in AI, machine learning, DataOps, intelligent sensors, connected devices, digital twins, and other key technologies for the energy industry. To keep up with all this and get the most out of these technologies, in-depth and continuously updated expertise is a must. This is where the right digitalisation partner can step in and play a crucial role in helping you advance on your digitalisation journey.

A digitalisation partner can help you:

-        Gain access to digital skills, expertise and training without having to recruit new in-house staff

-        Select the right digital solutions for your needs and digital maturity

-        Find compliant solutions tailored to energy industry use cases and standards

-        Access and maintain data in a secure, centralised cloud environment

2. Take a step-by-step approach to new digital initiatives

Regardless of how digitally mature your organisation is, when considering a new technology or solution, it’s generally helpful to take a step-by-step approach. Not only is this a great way to get started but also to evaluate the potential and impact of an initiative. Try breaking down the process into the following three steps to find the right path forward and maximise ROI:

1.    Identify low-hanging fruit: Look for processes in your operations that can generate greater benefits faster relative to the upfront investment.

2.    Start with a pilot project: Test the waters with a project that is small enough to deploy in a clearly defined part of your operations but is capable of later being scaled up to other areas.

3.    Learn and scale up gradually: Evaluate the results, learn from the experience, and make necessary adjustments. Then start scaling up and adding more digital capabilities step by step to realise the full benefits across the energy value chain.

3. Scale across the value chain

Upstream oil and gas tend to be where innovations are initially introduced in the energy industry. But it shouldn’t and doesn’t stop there. Some digital technologies have already been brought from upstream to downstream by supermajors like Shell. But this is still just scratching the surface of unlocking the full benefits of digitalisation across the energy value chain.

Let’s take energy nominations as an example of a use case where technologies like AI and digital twins can be scaled across the value chain.

1.     Upstream: Avoid penalties for selling overcapacity or buying back excess energy by operating closer to actual consumption of nominations.

2.     Midstream: Optimise energy production forecasting by adjusting energy nominations automatically to fit actual production.

3.     Downstream: Improve consumption of facilities with varying energy needs based on production schedules and demand by optimising consumption patterns.

The takeaway here is that you shouldn’t keep the vast benefits of the latest technology to yourself – share them with your colleagues, break down silos and see how your organisation can benefit across the value chain. This will make a much more significant impact on the energy transition, maximise ROI and boost efficiency at a more profound level.

We are a proven digitalisation partner in the energy industry

We already help energy industry leaders like Shell and Chevron make the most of digitalisation. We manage a high-performance and secure cloud architecture while continuously updating our portfolio with new solutions in DataOps, AI, and digital twin technology – all so you can do what you do best while our experts manage your digital infrastructure. Learn more about our energy industry solutions trusted by supermajors.

Three tips for getting the most out of digitalisation in energyThree tips for getting the most out of digitalisation in energy

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