Kongsberg Digital To Digitalise Odfjell’s Logbook And Reporting Systems

Kongsberg Digital To Digitalise Odfjell’s Logbook And Reporting Systems

June 1, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

Odfjell Ship Management to start the digitalisation of their fleet using a digital logbook system from Kongsberg Digital.

The traditional hand-written logbook onboard a vessel is a vital reporting tool for the crew, stating their course, actions, and engine status. Though an essential daily task for the officers onboard, reporting in the logbook is also time-consuming, making the officers spend critical time reporting during a voyage.

To optimise the crew’s efficiency and reduce administrative tasks, Odfjell Ship Management has started its digital voyage by installing Kongsberg Digital’s K-fleet digital logbook system. The digital logbook collects data from ship systems into central data storage. It enables easy recording of event-based data related to navigation, engine, oil record book, garbage handling, port calls and other operational activities defined by the logbooks being supplied.

“Accurate and efficient reporting is very important for us and our crew, and we strongly believe that digitalization is a necessary step towards improving safety, efficiency and sustainability in the maritime industry. The traditional hand-written logbook has long been a vital tool for recording the vessel’s route, voyage, actions, and engine status. But it can be a time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve taken the step to modernize and optimize our operations by implementing Kongsberg Digital’s effective digital logbook and reporting system,” says Vidar Børve, Manager Electrical & Automation at Odfjell.

Kongsberg Digital provides industrial software to heavy asset industries, the maritime industry included. Through the vessel-to-cloud infrastructure Vessel Insight, data is gathered from the vessel’s sensors and systems to provide actionable insight from the analysis of operational vessel data. The consistent and standardised way of collecting data through Vessel Insight enables quality reporting, empowers transparency, and allows in-depth analysis to optimise vessel and fleet performance.

“The logbook represents the story and heritage of a vessel, making it an essential tool for the crew onboard. Kongsberg Digital is committed to making operations smarter, safer and greener. By digitalising the logbook, shipowners can utilise the historical data of the vessel in a way not possible before, as we can use the data to optimise voyage and fuel consumption. We are happy to welcome Odfjell onboard for their digitalisation journey, and we look forward to a close and great collaboration”, says Christopher Bergsager, VP Growth Digital Ocean at Kongsberg Digital.

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Kongsberg Digital To Digitalise Odfjell’s Logbook And Reporting Systems

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