StormGeo and Kongsberg Digital partner to drive digital innovation in maritime performance applications

StormGeo and Kongsberg Digital partner to drive digital innovation in maritime performance applications

June 6, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

By pooling expertise and resources, Kongsberg Digital and StormGeo are committed to transforming how performance data is gathered, analysed, and utilised. As the first step, StormGeo's Performance Application will be available to maritime customers together with Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight Vessel to Cloud data infrastructure.

As a global frontrunner in weather intelligence and data science, StormGeo empowers enhanced business decisions in weather-sensitive operations. Their recent partnership with Kongsberg Digital complements this capacity further by offering StormGeo’s customers the robust Vessel Insight solution. This enables access to Kongsberg Digital’s supply of high-frequency sensor data, which consequently enhances data workflow efficiency, facilitates informed decision-making, and improves operational efficacy.

A significant development within this partnership is the augmentation of StormGeo’s s-Insight performance application. High-frequency sensor data will be supplied through Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight via their cloud infrastructure. The combined offering is already operational on numerous vessels and has been contracted for deployment on over 100 vessels within 2023. The substantial market interest and rapid adoption of this joint solution underlines its promising potential for revolutionising weather-sensitive operations.

Through this collaboration, Kongsberg Digital’s and StormGeo’s customers gain access to trusted, enhanced solutions. Vessel Insight users can seamlessly adopt StormGeo’s performance solution, while StormGeo’s customers benefit from high data and efficiency, leveraging Vessel Insight’s robust ship-to-cloud data transfer.

We are proud to add StormGeo to our partner portfolio, and it is exciting that two Norwegian digital frontrunners are joining forces. United by a shared drive for digital innovation and a strong commitment to decarbonisation initiatives, we are leveraging our respective complementary capabilities in this collaborative partnership to offer high data integrity and streamlining workflows for our maritime customers”, says Kim Evanger, Vice President Maritime Partnerships at Kongsberg Digital.

We are excited to add Kongsberg to our portfolio of partners, a trusted and ambitious market leader in digitalisation. By sharing data safely and reliably, we aim to provide additional value with our s-Insight portal and deeper insights for our common maritime customers. This joint effort pushes the boundaries of innovation and delivers exceptional services to the industry as well as enabling the green shift,” says Espen Martinsen, Executive Vice President Sales, StormGeo.

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StormGeo and Kongsberg Digital partner to drive digital innovation in maritime performance applications

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