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  • Improve operational efficiency through one single work surface.
  • Enable data-driven decisions with real-time insights.
  • Empower collaboration across your entire organisation.
  • Manage and visualise safety risks.
  • Make data more accessible across the enterprise.‍

The Industrial Work Surface is a unified digital workspace built for heavy-asset industries. It gives your teams a better way to visualise, orchestrate, and automate complex work at scale, enabling more productive, cost-efficient, and reliable operations through a single, intuitive interface. The Industrial Work Surface is one solution for endless opportunities.

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  • Industry Solution Templates
  • System of Work
  • System of Engagement
  • Data Ops

Industry Solution Templates

Industry Solution Templates​

Explore new ways of working with our tailor-made industrial solution templates. Unlock your potential with industry-leading solutions designed to help you enhance workflows, take charge of operations, and elevate organisational productivity.

System of Work

System of Work​

The Industrial Work Surface is where people come to make progress, get the job done, and execute business processes in the metaverse. Reimagining work means facilitating end-to-end processes more efficiently. "Work" refers to a broad range of activities involving various processes and actors, including analytics, optimisation, planning, management, and operations.

  • Execute business processes in the metaverse.​
  • End-to-end work processes.​
  • Analytics, optimisation, planning, management, operations​.

System of Engagement

System of Engagement​

The System of Engagement allows you to interact and collaborate with data, models, and individuals, execute tasks and complete actual work. Its capabilities range from built-in rich collaboration features, advanced contextual and time-based annotations, and adaptive user experiences driven by activity patterns and AI to integrated asset exploration with asset explorer, asset search, query builder, visual filtering, and overlays.

  • Execute business processes in the metaverse.​
  • Interact with the data, including self-service of advanced cross-domain data exploration, visualisation, annotation, and modification workflows.
  • Enable users and personas with different needs to be served optimally from the same underlying data.
  • Standardise asset exploration, information gathering and visualisation for global access.

Data Ops


The DataOps capabilities built into the Industrial Work Surface accelerate the realisation of business value by creating predictable delivery and change management of data and data models. DataOps automates the designing, deploying, and managing data delivery with appropriate levels of governance, using metadata and various enrichment and contextualisation methods to enhance the usability and value of data through the highly dynamic and “business real-time” Industrial Work Surface.

Our capabilities include:

  • Self-Service tools​
  • Contextualisation Engine​
  • Data Modelling, Integration, Quality management​

Embrace the future of work with the Industrial Work Surface


System of work

Facilitate end-to-end work processes – including analytics, optimisation, planning, management, and operations – in a radically more efficient way. With persona management, responsibility-aware application workflows, and self-service work process management, the Industrial Work Surface applies a human-centric approach to your work/operations.

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AI in work

Tap into the power of AI to enhance, improve, and evolve your industrial work processes. By combining AI-powered search with Asset Co-pilot augmentation, you can enable faster and more effective decision-making loops through instant access to information. Leverage generative AI to support and expedite various tasks, including data ingestion and contextualisation.

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Simulation in work

Access real-time, high-fidelity simulations of your process facilities with our cloud-based platform. This enables your industrial teams to quickly identify bottlenecks and opportunities that can help you improve day-to-day operations.

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Empower data and analytics teams to seamlessly observe, test, and automate the tools, data, processes, and environments within their entire data analytics organisation. Combine your data products, platforms, and cornerstone systems. Equip your experts with invaluable insights from your data, drive innovation, and maximise operational efficiency.

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Connect, aggregate, and contextualise data from various sources – such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – to create new and more effective workflows. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple siloed expert systems and empower collaboration between multidisciplinary teams. Enable users to create data-driven workflows that connect data, insights, analytics and users. These workflows replace existing processes and manual tools, allowing remote work, remote assistance, and improved collaboration.

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Address the significant challenges industrial organisations face

Get a holistic

Slow decision-making

Problem-solving and decision-making can be too slow, ineffective, and resource-intensive.


Lack of access to centralised data

There is no single source of truth accessible to stakeholders across the organisation.

Break Down

Unable to generate valuable insights

Disconnected apps and data make it challenging to generate game-changing ideas.


Too many applications

The average user signs in and out of over seven different systems daily.

Enable Data

Work and data are siloed

Different business areas pursue their own agendas and goals, so work and data become siloed.


Siloed business areas

Work silos prevent people from collaborating as much as they could be.

Maximise business performance and drive more value

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface delivers measurable value to organisations competing in energy, utilities & renewables, and maritime sectors.

3 months


An asset has a typical digitisation time of 3 months, enabling rapid scaling across the enterprise.


Users are more efficient

With one system to plan, execute and close out work, 85% of users feel more efficient.


Users worldwide

At-scale delivery of digital twin technology to integrated energy companies.

See why industry leaders are adopting the Industrial Work Surface

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“For me, the strength of Kongsberg Digital’s simulators is the visualisation.”

Andreas Johannesen

Senior Engineer, Ops Process

"Simulators help learners remember things better."

Svein Gunnar A. Haugen

Process Technician, Operations Process

"Crew members had never done this operation live, but I had been training for it on the simulator."

Knut Bolme

Process Engineer and Simulator Instructor

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Continuing on the topic of executing the vision of digital and AI with the operating model of the future, our most recent webinar took a closer look at LNG Canada’s transformation journey and how a digital performance model (DPM) is helping them succeed.

If you missed part one of the series, get a re-cap here to learn more about why companies think digitalisation is lagging behind and how a DPM solves specific problems when it comes to a strategic, holistic approach to digital.

Below is a summary of the main topics discussed during the session. Thank you to Neala Mark, asset excellence manager at LNG Canada, for taking the time to discuss LNG Canada’s strategic digital approach and sharing helpful advice about applying a DPM for improved energy efficiency, reliability and performance.  

The Digital Performance Model (DPM) in a nutshell

The digital performance model is a collection of key organisational components (processes, organisational structures, technologies and governance) that deliver faster, more transparent, higher-quality decisions and stronger business performance at scale. This is tied together in an Industrial Work Surface that provides a digital interface where work can be done.

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The key differentiator

When it comes to applying technology for increased transparency and improved decision quality, what makes the digital performance model approach novel? Closing the loop from decisions to patterns, outcomes and the delivery of results.  

When working with clients like LNG Canada to close the loop, the first step is to look at their current or planned operating model and build a blueprint that helps them achieve their defined objectives.

“Usually, organisations break things into manageable chunks to design the asset, but we look at what we are going after and what data would help us make high-quality decisions first – and then built our structures around that. That enabled us to get specific with the foundational capabilities we needed in place from day one, from a technical, system and behavioral standpoint. We had our digital asset before we had our physical assets, it’s a novel approach if you look at other major capital projects in the industry.” Neala Mark, Asset Excellence, LNG Canada

Setting up for success from the start

LNG Canada, the first LNG facility in west coast Canada and a world-class facility of its kind, engaged around digital design from the beginning of their construction phase. The blueprint and organisational structure were created as integrated entities from a data and work processes perspective. Activating these simultaneously can be difficult, so some starting points were identified:  

  • What will add immense value for the critical periods of commissioning and startup?
  • What behaviours need to be built into the organisation to create a culture of acceptance for doing things differently?
  • What needs to be done early on because they won’t be worth doing later?

To overcome these and similar challenges, the DPM focuses on high-frequency events of low value – think control loop tuning, filter changeouts and shift handovers, for example – where straightforward decisions can be augmented by AI, giving workers the opportunity to engage with the environment and see the whole loop of decision-making by having a digital asset for a physical twin.

“Think digital first and use only the data you need. On the other side of that are the metrics and logic, helping you link the data to outcomes. For a shift handover, this would mean seeing the status of the last shift in seconds, seeing what isolation plans were done and not done and understanding the dynamic tasks required from the worker for their individual context in their current shift. By helping people make good decisions often, you are creating feedback loops and encouraging people to engage.” Grant Christie, Vice President Business Transformation, Kongsberg Digital

LNG Canada’s biggest win to date: increasing uptake

From the start, the digitally built asset was open access for everyone to explore and use. Through this process, users were leveraging use cases that the implementation teams hadn’t thought of yet – capabilities that weren’t necessarily specific solutions to problems were offering more functionality than initially realised.  

“We didn’t do a great job of being proactive about understanding how people would use this, how they would explore and the decisions they would make… we started engaging with everyone on how they are using it, and this helped drive adoption in the organisation.” Neala Mark, Asset Excellence, LNG Canada

Unlocking the a-ha moment

The trend of holistically transforming the industry through a strategic DPM approach continues to resonate. The key is understanding how to use digital where it’s strongest.

“We’re all emerging and learning how to do this as an industry, and multiple industries. The biggest a-ha moments we’ve seen are around where to get started: In the counterintuitive segment of high-frequency, low-value services where organisations can engage early on and easily, providing a way to make better decisions that are more transparent.” Grant Christie, Vice President Business Transformation, Kongsberg Digital

Companies that make faster, higher-quality decisions win

At the end of the day, LNG Canada is not about building a new west coast facility. It’s about building a world-class LNG facility that happens to be on the west coast of Canada, designed digitally and deployed optimally, setting a new standard for the rest of the world to follow.

Once the DPM is built in to enable high-quality and faster decisions across the board, people are equipped with the same technology that they use in their homes for their daily industrial work. The companies that embrace digital and engage the workforce accordingly are going to win. This is happening now and will only accelerate.

Taking the first step

As a first step to digital transformation, LNG Canada suggests selecting a digitalisation partner that deeply understands their superpower.

“Lots of providers have solutions, but if they don’t have the ability to understand and integrate otherwise siloed information and data, they can’t translate this into solving problems and driving better decision-making. Find a partner that understand their capability and can apply it to more than just one problem.” Neala Mark, Asset Excellence, LNG Canada

Current approaches to digitalisation struggle to deliver scale and impact. At Kongsberg Digital, we believe that data is increasingly critical and strategic. An end-to-end DPM is the only viable way for companies to apply digital for scale and impact. Want to continue the discussion?

Leaving uncertainty behind: LNG Canada’s journey with the operating model of the futureLeaving uncertainty behind: LNG Canada’s journey with the operating model of the future

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