Shaping the Future of Work: Kongsberg Digital's expanding capabilities

Shaping the Future of Work: Kongsberg Digital's expanding capabilities

September 30, 2023
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Samira Bjørnsmoen

Choosing the right provider for digital twin technology can be a daunting task, given the rapidly evolving landscape of this technology. The effectiveness of a digital twin platform depends on many aspects, including its level of sophistication and integration capabilities.

Kongsberg Digital's Industrial Work Surface enables industrial organisations to fully leverage the potential of digital twin technology by providing a robust platform for innovation and driven by high sophistication and integration possibilities. Organisations can streamline workflows without having to navigate between siloed systems, resulting in significant improvements in operational efficiency and data visibility.
The Industrial Work Surface goes beyond prediction, offering prescriptive capabilities that set it apart, providing optimisation suggestions and autonomously optimising processes—this level of sophistication results in significant cost savings and performance improvements.

Comprehensive integration across all Lifecycle Stages

Kongsberg Digital's Industrial Work Surface offers seamless integration with established digital ecosystems, enterprise systems, operational technology, and emerging XR technologies. It covers all asset management lifecycle stages to fully digitalise assets, including platforms, pipelines, plants, and new energy assets. That means a single environment with industrial data and added business context – an integrated place for operators to execute their work from end to end.

1. Design and Construction
During the design & construction phase, the Industrial Work Surface enables:

  • Testing of different design configurations and scenarios in a risk-free virtual environment. That means fewer physical prototypes and less costly design changes later in the process.
  • Identifying potential issues and vulnerabilities so that corrective action can be taken before the physical asset is built.
  • Better forecasting and resource utilisation through construction progress backed by real-time data.

2. Operations Start-up
The Industrial Work Surface streamlines operations during the start-up phase by facilitating data retrieval and visualisation with descriptive capabilities. This ensures that new operations begin with a solid foundation of data-driven decision-making. With a solid data foundation, a digital twin can simulate and test everything from control systems to equipment and safety protocols before the physical asset is brought online.

3. Operations
As operations commence, Kongsberg Digital's predictive features come into play. The platform's scenario planning and prediction capabilities enable operators to proactively address issues, plan maintenance activities, and enhance operational efficiency. It helps reduce inefficiencies in work processes and workforce locations while enabling quicker intervention from managers and supervisors by moving KPIs into real-time context within a single work surface.

Building on a solid foundation

Kongsberg Digital has established itself as one of the leading providers of cutting-edge digital solutions in the oil and gas industry. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to seamlessly integrate into every lifecycle stage, from initial start-up to final decommissioning. Combined with the exceptional level of sophistication, this ensures that Kongsberg Digital delivers unparalleled results.

Applying a digital twin comparison framework

With so many different digital twin offerings, S&P Global has developed a framework to inventory the digital twin supplier landscape. The framework leverages a set of over ten metrics and is based on dozens of digital twin deployments in the oil and gas industry.

“The level of data integration and the level of sophistication are two important metrics to describe the maturity of a digital twin deployment,” says Oscar Abbink, Director Energy Technology and Innovation at S&P Global. “Applying this framework allows for comparison of different types of digital twins and their providers.”

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Shaping the Future of Work: Kongsberg Digital's expanding capabilities

Samira Bjørnsmoen

Director of Product Marketing

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