Drive more
productive and
sustainable operations

Once you've got systems up-and-running, you need to optimise both long-term and day-to-day operations. Here, the Industrial Work Surface delivers many advantages.

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Visualise all your key assets in a virtual environment

By mapping your real assets to digital twin representations driven by real-time data, your teams have what they need to work safer, smarter, and greener.

Access all vital operational data in one end-to-end workflow

Enable your staff to plan, execute, and complete their end-to-end workflows through one solution.

Facilitate high-fidelity simulation for training and testing

Through 2D and 3D simulation, you can train workers for real-world scenarios. You can also test potential improvements before investing actual time and resources towards them.

Monitor performance of key assets and processes

With key data, assets, and applications now connected, your organisation is better positioned to detect potential issues and and prevent unplanned downtime.

Boost situational awareness

Use the Industrial Work Surface to improve planning, reduce risks, increase safety, simplify decision-making, and maximise operational efficiency.

Simplify forecasting needs

Improve nomination accuracy, optimise the grid for maximum energy utility, and operate closer to actual load flow limits.

Move toward autonomous operations

Through insights based on real-time data, you can make better decisions about ongoing processes. You can also create and calibrate workflows that will lead to autonomous operations.

Tap into more powerful capabilities for your business

Generate valuable insights for better decision-making

SiteCom® – the Industrial Work Surface for drilling and wells – lets you connect rig operations data from several providers to better align key stakeholders and improve decision-making.

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Streamline operations with flow simulation

LedaFlow provides the step change in accuracy and detail that is needed for longer tiebacks, deeper water, and harsher environments so you can make smarter, faster decisions for your operations.

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Simplify rig management activities

Rig Manager® is a unique integrated rig management software solution developed to meet the many challenges of managing offshore installations. It helps you improve drilling vessel management and make daily operations more efficient.

Maximise business performance and drive more value

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface is already delivering measurable value.


New assets each year

Kongsberg Digital helps digitally transform up to 15 assets annually for the world’s largest oil and gas companies.


Reduction in time spent at work

The Industrial Work Surface enables users to instantly see where there will be conflicts with simultaneous operations.


Of users feel more efficient

With one system to plan, execute and close out work, 85% of users feel they are more efficient.

See why industry leaders are adopting the Industrial Work Surface

Every day, companies like yours use the Industrial Work Surface for better decision making that helps maximise business performance and drive value across the organisation.

We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Fereidoun Abbassian

Vice President Technology

The additional insight and more rapid and cost-effective vessel management provided by KDI’s digital twin will supercharge their environmental performance and enable future benefits faster. We already see benefits on trim optimization, but when we add the data around other facets of vessel operation, along with training and maintenance, we expect further benefits and savings to come thick and fast.”

Sebjørn Dahl

Chief Operations Officer
Höegh Autoliners

Take a closer look at the Industrial Work Surface

Learn more about how the Industrial Work Surface will help you optimise a wide range of operations within the energy sector.

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See how Kongsberg Digital’s deep domain expertise helps industrial organisations achieve more.

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