Train personnel in a safe, virtual environment

K-Spice® is a multi-purpose dynamic simulator that will help you verify process and control designs — and train operators on real-world scenarios.

Boost confidence across your industrial initiatives

Enhance your energy operations  →

Major oil and gas operators worldwide use K-Spice® for dynamic simulations that help boost efficiency, minimise costs, reduce project schedules, improve safety, and increase learning opportunities.

Improve electrical grid operations   →

K-Spice® Power allows you to include high-fidelity grid modules in your simulations so you can better analyse the challenges around heavy equipment and unpredictable power production.

Prepare key personnel to safely respond to
real-world situations

Simulation enables engineers to practice how they might handle emergencies, develop critical decision-making skills, and experiment with different approaches to common operational challenges.

Facilitate safer, smarter, and greener operations

Streamline and expedite operational training

By utilising Operation Training Simulators (OTSs), workers can learn how to operate their installations effectively and securely. Through realistic simulation, workers can optimise efficiency and maximise uptime by learning to proactively identify challenges and prevent shutdowns before they occur.

Demonstrate real-life experiences trainees will encounter in the field

The K-Spice® Learn oil and gas production simulator exposes trainees to all the main process areas typically found in an oil and gas facility. Using generic simulators, students can start the plant from shutdown condition and bring it up to full production, and then shut it down again in a controlled way.

Reduce risks and boost productivity
through training simulations

K-Spice® Train can replicate real-life conditions your production experts will encounter in the field. By learning how to face and resolve challenging situations in a safe, virtual environment, your specialists can get up-to-speed quickly and help maximise returns while risk is minimised.

See how simulation can help your business

Get production engineers up-to-speed

With the help of Engineering Study Simulators (ESSs), engineers can continuously enhance their skills and knowledge to make better decisions. Based on practice and learnings here, workers will be positioned to apply more innovative working methods and improve operations.

Conduct controlled engineering tests

The wax deposition module simulates creation, melting and deposition of wax. It is used to determine the pigging frequency required to keep wax deposits under control.

Adopt industrial technology that delivers results

With more than 300 dynamic simulation studies, 100 customised Operator Training Simulators, and 20 real-time production assurance solutions, K-Spice® has proven its value for major industrial organisations around the world.

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