New Kongsberg Digital technology empowers offshore vessel operations to reduce cost and emission

New Kongsberg Digital technology empowers offshore vessel operations to reduce cost and emission

April 27, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

With enhanced technology and new features, Kongsberg Digital is relaunching its application for vessel and fleet optimisation, Vessel Performance for offshore vessel operations. The data-driven solution now provides even more accessible onboard and onshore decision support, enabling significant cost and emission reductions in offshore operations.

The new version of Vessel Performance provides enhanced onboard decision support through an improved and more user-friendly interface. Optimising running engines and reducing excess equipment usage, Vessel Performance assists the crew in reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The Vessel Performance data is also shared in real-time with onshore personnel. The accessible data and analysis Increase operational awareness for the users, making it easier to detect the cost savings opportunities, which is normally a time-consuming task in the offshore industry due to the complexity of the systems onboard.

Olympic Subsea has been using Vessel Performance since 2021. With Vessel Performance, our crew onboard has been able to monitor and take immediate action in order to reduce running hours, fuel consumption, and emissions. This has led to best practices and significantly greater awareness by the crew for Smarter, Safer and Greener operations. With the new functionality, we will improve and optimize our operations even more in terms of cost, efficiency, and sustainability.” says Runar Stave, CTO of Olympic Subsea.

In the offshore industry, our customers struggle to discover and implement best practices for vessel optimisation across the fleet in their busy workdays. Earlier, the decision-making on how to run the vessel has been largely left to the crew on board, and the available tools have been demanding too much from the users. There is no longer a lack of data, but a lack of clear guidance towards the owner’s office and onboard crew”, says Anders Bryhni, Vice President at Kongsberg Digital.

Based on interactions with our valued customers, we have addressed these challenges and aim to be an even better partner for decision support towards speed and power for the various operational conditions. The new and improved version of Vessel Performance is an integrated application on the Vessel Insight infrastructure, and we believe this is a step change in the goal towards smarter and greener vessel operations,” Bryhni says.

Kongsberg Digital on OTC in Houston

For more information, visit Kongsberg Digital’s booth 4551 at OTC, Houston and join us on Wednesday,  3rd of May, at 12:00 PM for the presentation: “Work Smarter and Greener: Reduce consumption by 15% with Vessel Performance Optimisation”.  

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New Kongsberg Digital technology empowers offshore vessel operations to reduce cost and emission

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