Level-up operations and maintenance by doubling-down on digital

Vessel and asset management, voyage optimisation, visualisation. Simulation and training. Performance analytics and monitoring. The Industrial Work Surface does it all — and more.

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Increase the economics, safety, and reliability
of assets

Benefit from data-driven maintenance recommendations for optimal output in operations.

Maximise production, minimise costs

Get recommendations on the best configurations that will increase production within sales specification schedules. Lower costs and do more with less. The best part? It's scalable.

Detect and correct operational inefficiencies

Detect unhealthy operating conditions and correct them to prolong equipment life. Plan for the use of manpower, time, and capital more accurately. Energy savings made easy.

Seize the data advantage

Data availability leads to smarter decision-making for production assurance. With all this data in a single place that anyone can access, dynamic data becomes a driver of value.

Discover valuable insights at a glance

Visualise what work needs to be done when, where, and how. The Industrial Work Surface offers rich 2D and 3D visualisation, and you can look at multiple datasets simultaneously.

Be a master planner

Plan maintenance work and eliminate scheduling conflicts. Optimise turnaround planning and take action to prevent downtime. Streamline resource allocation for upcoming activities.

Forecast the future with what-if modelling

Tap into real-time data sources and world-class simulators for comparative results that can be used in scenario management for what-if modelling and various operational conditions.

Deploy proven solutions built from real industry
use cases.

Asset management

Gain full traceability and transparency over asset condition and performance. Access information in a single view. This is the place to plan, execute, and close out your end-to-end workflows for any part of the asset management process.

Cost control and reporting

Plan and allocate budgets, monitor spending, and compare this against the budget to identify areas for improvement. More visibility into costs and expenses gives you the power to identify and deal with potential issues as early as possible.

Vessel management

Access vessel administration and operation features to make more informed decisions, improve compliance, and lower costs. Vessel management helps you focus on core operations by making data from ship systems available in a central data storage.

Voyage optimisation

Record and report important vessel data to the shore office, helping to drive more accurate decision-making, reduce fuel costs, and  reduce emissions. Enable just-in-time arrival and benefit from solutions designed to help you succeed.

Data visualisation

Access engineering data, documents, and operational information in context through a browser-based environment. Visualise equipment, tags, workflows, processes, annotations, and more. It's the ultimate for operations teams.

Planning and scheduling

Plan energy nominations and schedule maintenance, armed with the latest up-to-date information. Identify maintenance, repair, or replacement needs to extend the life cycle of equipment. Track spare parts and manage the supply chain.

Situational awareness

Use the Industrial Work Surface to view working environments and identify potential hazards for activities like work being done at height. Improve planning, reduce risk, and achieve operational efficiency with situational awareness.

Proactive technical monitoring (PTM)

Apply proactive technical monitoring (PTM) to detect bad actors early and take action to prevent costly unscheduled deferment and unplanned downtime. Identify even small issues through real-time monitoring so they can be addressed before growing into problems. Find small and fix small, before problems grow.

Simultaneous operations

Prepare for simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) more easily by viewing planned work virtually. Access information about work that will be done at height, near hazardous areas, in tight spaces – all without travelling to the site. First see, then do.

Virtual metering

Access reliable multiphase metering based on a high-fidelity flow assurance model. Get virtual measurements over the whole operational range, in real-time. This is your safer, smarter, and greener alternative to physical subsea meters.

Autonomous operations

Reduce resource-intensive tasks like route planning, resource allocation, and energy consumption adjustments. Use the Industrial Work Surface to gather more data-driven recommendations and move towards more autonomous operations.

Simulation and training

Enhance asset understanding with simulation in real-time, opening up a world of possibility for improvements. Through training, equip employees with the competence they need to fully prepare for everyday – and not-so-everyday – incidents.

Maximise business performance and drive more value

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface is already delivering measurable value to organisations competing in sectors like energy, utilities & renewables, and maritime.


New assets each year

Kongsberg Digital has delivered results at scale by transforming up to 15 facility-wide assets per year through our holistic portfolio-wide approach to digitalization.


Reduction in time spent at work

The Industrial Work Surface enables users to instantly see where there might be conflicts with simultaneous operations.


Improvement in efficiency

With one system to plan, execute, and close out work, 85% of users feel they are more efficient.

See why industry leaders are adopting the Industrial Work Surface

Every day, companies like yours use the Industrial Work Surface for better decision making that helps maximise business performance and drive value across the organisation.

This is really changing the way that engineers get work done. The speed of change in our industry requires us to think differently, act differently and support each other differently to have more impactful results in meeting the world’s energy needs.”

Keith Johnston

Digital Engineering

We benefit from the real-time data and use it to enhance operational safety and improve drilling efficiency. In two years, the solution alone has prevented over $200 million in stuck casing incidents.”

Fereidoun Abbassian

Vice President Technology

Take a closer look at the Industrial Work Surface

Learn more about how the Industrial Work Surface will help you optimise your quality assurance activities.

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All eyes are on the maritime industry to make headway on the transition to net-zero carbon emissions in response to updated IMO requirements. The potential is huge for vessel owners to reduce emissions right along with costs for fuel consumption. This opens up substantial opportunities to work towards a better tomorrow while also improving profitability and competitiveness in a time of rapid change characterised by supply chain disruptions and geopolitical challenges.

What it means to work greener with digitalization

Digitalisation has a key role to play in the transition to net-zero carbon emissions required to meet regulatory requirements. You’ll be empowered to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for consumption reporting, cut emissions from fuel consumption in half, and improve your Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings. This will give you the carbon transparency needed to continuously reduce your carbon footprint. Learn how to make the most of digital technology to accelerate your net-zero journey with these tips.

Improve emissions tracking for IMO compliance

Cloud-based infrastructure to create a single source of truth with your data makes it possible to take your emissions tracking to new heights. By tracking emissions more accurately, you can set net-zero targets and get better at finding the best opportunities for sustainability measures. You can also monitor progress on emissions reduction goals in line with IMO guidelines for fuel consumption and CII reporting requirements. It’s greener to keep track of emissions in real time and ensure compliance.

For example, emissions tracking data can empower decision-makers – from voyage planners and crews to charterers and management – to understand their contribution to reducing environmental impact. You can also save time normally spent on manual data entry for your 24-hourly IMO-mandated reporting – why not even give stakeholders 24/7 access to real-time data instead of limiting it to every 24 hours? This carbon transparency into operations supports your transition to net-zero emissions, helping you ensure IMO compliance and the data needed for more accurate and improved CII reports.

Drive continuous fuel consumption optimisations

Optimise your fleet’s fuel consumption to reduce emissions and cut costs with contextualized data and tailored applications. Run simulations to test and predict how your vessels will perform in various scenarios. Combine this with data from monitoring fuel consumption in real time and your whole fleet will be hitting sustainability targets in no time. It’s greener to consume less fuel across your fleet.

For instance, simulations can be used to model how every step of a voyage could impact fuel consumption and drive opportunities to plan voyages for greater energy efficiency. With real-time data, both vessel owners and operators can have full visibility into all factors affecting fuel consumption and streamline operations. When applied across your entire fleet, this technology will enable continuous fuel consumption optimisations for game-changing emission reductions.

Find and eliminate waste

Waste in your operations could be causing all kinds of unnecessary emissions. Use data to optimise planning, uncover waste and eliminate it. By leveraging analytics, you can improve the accuracy of maintenance, repair, and replacement for equipment on board. Remote working also enhances planning and decision-support for your fleet globally. It’s greener to reduce waste with smarter planning.

For example, onboard and onshore personnel can get the same operational picture and increase awareness of potential optimizations for greener operations. Through customizable dashboards, you can visualize individual equipment performance details, access a map overview showing the performance status of the vessel, and identify equipment or processes that could be improved or replaced at just the right time to further reduce emissions.

Create a culture of sustainability

Provide workers with digital-by-design tech that supports greener ways of working to build a forward-thinking culture of sustainability that empowers everyone to work towards a better tomorrow. Combined with sustainability training and incentives, you will encourage sustainable practices throughout your fleet. It’s greener to get everyone working towards a better tomorrow together.

Encouraging sustainable practices among your employees is also important for attracting top talent. When workers feel that they are contributing to a better tomorrow, this gives them a platform for innovation and creativity to brainstorm and come up with ideas that can further accelerate your sustainability initiatives.

Go greener with deeper data insights in the cloud

A high-performance and secure cloud platform is the first key step to getting more out of your data and enabling these greener ways of working. Take a data-driven approach to sustainability, and contribute to a better tomorrow.

Learn how to get deep insights into your data from the cloud

Top tips for maritime companies to work greenerTop tips for maritime companies to work greener

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