Guide: How to future-proof your
energy operations

Explore use cases and best practices with insights to help you boost operational resiliency through digitalisation

Ready to push past the buzz and understand what safer, smarter and greener energy operations really mean in practice? Get inspired by best practices from digital leaders in three real-world use cases from upstream oil and gas:

  • Digitalising work permits to secure simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)
  • Deploying Proactive Technical Monitoring (PTM) for smarter maintenance
  • Unleashing AI-driven energy nomination to optimise energy consumption

You’ll also find hands-on tips for going safer, smarter and greener that lead to:

  • Increased facility uptime
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Decreased overall energy consumption by 2%

Get your free copy of the guide to learn more about how you can cut energy consumption, manual work, unplanned downtime and operational inefficiencies with digitalisation.

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