It’s Time to Talk about the Tomorrow Show

It’s Time to Talk about the Tomorrow Show

March 18, 2024
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The Tomorrow Show 2024 is approaching fast

This year, Kongsberg Digital is hosting its second annual Tomorrow Show. If you haven’t heard of the Tomorrow Show, this blog is for you! As we gear up for this year’s hottest industry event, read through the Tomorrow Show 2023 recap below to see what the Tomorrow Show is all about.

What is the Tomorrow Show?

It’s an interactive event propped full of opportunities for learning about the industry’s hottest topics, technologies and trends. From digitalisation and carbon capture to net-zero and collaboration, the event focuses on showcasing how technologies like digital twin, simulation and industrial AI are transforming heavy-asset industries for better ways of working throughout the energy transition and beyond.

Topics, trends and technologies

Across more than 30 sessions, we covered everything from net-zero and carbon capture to digital twins, simulation, and industrial AI for oil and gas, renewables, utilities and maritime. Phew! Attendees could build their own agenda by dropping in on panels and breakout sessions in our two different tracks, with some common keynotes and group sessions bringing the group together to learn and be inspired by notable speakers including the ever-exciting futurologist Magnus Lindkvist.

“How will tomorrow be meaningfully different for you and me in the energy sector? The price we pay for progress is turbulence.”

Magnus Lindkvist, Futurologist

Solutions at work

The Tomorrow Show hosted an extensive product exhibition area, giving guests the opportunity to see our solutions in action. Tomorrow Show partners Keystone, FutureOn, Coach Solutions, StormGeo, ABS Wavesight and Vessel Performance Solution were also on-site to show off how their innovative solutions – together with Kongsberg Digital – drive more efficient, safer and sustainable operations. The Tomorrow Show is the best place to see and interact with a wide variety of best-in-class industry solutions and the latest technology.

Tomorrow Show 2023 attendees testing out the latest technology with help from Jeppe Sverdrup, Vice President Innovation at Kongsberg Digital

Challenging conversations

The three-day event touched on some tough topics, allowing our speakers to share their thoughts on what’s next for the industry and how technology can be leveraged to help companies perform reliably and improve efficiency across the energy value chain to accelerate the energy transition.

Here are some interesting discussions that emerged from the various sessions:

How do we build trust in data and AI?

The first time that users rely on AI to make a data-driven decision, they want to double-check it. They want to check it against their documents, do calculations on paper, and then review it to make sure it’s correct. That’s why it’s so important to nail down workflows in the digital twin. It’s essential that we help users understand where the data is coming from, what it means, and why the recommendations are accurate – equal to what someone with thirty years of experience in the field would give.

From a technology perspective, what are the key barriers to maturing new systems of work?  

We’ve seen industry operators invest in digital, systems and data storage – and that’s fantastic. But what’s concerning is that activating data at the business level is harder than it should be. There are gaps and missing connections in the data value chain. People at the source do their best to work with data, and the business side does their best to tie that back to other parts of the business, but is it enough? DataOps capabilities built into a system of work that delivers value to the end-user through digital workflows that make sense are key to connecting these parts.

Tomorrow Show 2023 attendees enjoying a session on the main stage

Success stories

We had the honour of welcoming prominent speakers from energy majors, including Shell, Chevron and LNG Canada, to the stage. Below are some special snippets from last year’s sessions and panels:

Shell and Kongsberg Digital

Shell works with Kognitwin upstream and downstream. Comparing these industries, they are not that different. The technology you need on a platform or at a gas plant, for a refinery or a chemicals facility – the processes are the same in terms of day-to-day work. When it comes to technology for these verticals, it’s about looking at how individuals can be best equipped to identify, scope, plan and execute work. Together, we are continuing to build a digital twin that works across all these.

Keys to success with digital twin: Chevron’s experience

Jim Schneider, Solution Manager – Digital Twin at Chevron took the stage to talk about the near-term and long-term case for digital twins. During this insightful session, one of the highlights was learning more about Chevron’s three keys to success with a digital twin:

  1. It’s driven by business needs: The digital twin is aligned with the need to provide immediate efficiency gains, supporting a wide variety of workflows.
  2. It’s agile and easy to implement: Continuous adjustment based on customer feedback can be implemented regularly, making the cost of change much cheaper.
  3. It’s user-friendly: Data and digital tools are intuitively accessible and easy to understand for all levels of users. The bar of entry and user adoption needs to remain low and be immediately visible to the end user.
LNG Canada unlocking innovation in greenfield projects

James Maguire, Digital and Business Transformation Manager at LNG Canada shared about the company’s journey to move from reactive to preventative intervention with digital twin technology. They have seamlessly integrated data and information from across work processes, providing end users with a single user-centric platform to perform their work. LNG Canada is redefining how work gets done, high-grading human involvement and removing humans from hazards while beating out performance promises.

Notable speaker remarks

As an industrial software company, being open to collaboration is our license to operate. The problems we are going after are so big and strategic, it takes more than a single company to solve.” – Haavard Oestensen, Chief Commercial Officer, Kongsberg Digital

We see that when we start to deploy ecosystems like the twin on top of very different assets, the technology drives us to harmonisation and standardisaton.” – Rolf Einar Sæter, Business Improvement and Technology Manager, Norske Shell

Technology and tech skills are not the problem. Generative AI is transforming how we can pull everything together to drive transformative change. What’s really changing the game today is the accelerating pace of innovation.” – Paul Siwek, Managing Director Industry X, Accenture

The Industrial Work Surface makes asset data more accessible and meaningful to humans and machines, delivering trusted data and insights to unlock opportunities in real-time, reduce costs and improve the integrity and sustainability of your operations.” – Stein-Roar, Chief Product Officer, Kongsberg Digital

Stay in the loop

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the Tomorrow Show, we hope you are inspired to sign up for this year’s event. We can’t wait to have you join us! Simply hit the button below to sign up for event updates.

If you still have some questions, check out our FAQ here.

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