Highlights from the Tomorrow Show: Memorable Quotes from our VP of Business Operations Americas

Highlights from the Tomorrow Show: Memorable Quotes from our VP of Business Operations Americas

January 28, 2024
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Meet Rajesh Baskaran, Kongsberg Digital’s VP of Business Operations Americas.

At Kongsberg Digital we have a growing ecosystem of world-class partners and customers. Rajesh was one of our fantastic hosts recently when we brought our ecosystem together in Houston for sessions filled with learning, inspiration and networking.

As we reflect on the learnings and conversations we had during the Tomorrow Show, below are some memorable quotes from our VP of Business Operations Americas that were noted down during the event.

“By combining our influence, know-how and investments across industries, we can drive change as an ecosystem. Heavy-asset industries are one of the most important but also the least mature. Our industries have great complexity, and great opportunities to improve.”

“The world is undergoing several crises simultaneously. The environmental crisis is increasing pressure to operate at a lower cost, with lower emissions. There is pressure on existing capacity, infrastructure, and competence. Geopolitical tensions heighten the focus on energy security.

Large energy companies struggle with disparate systems and lots of information. In maritime, shipowners need to keep up with safety and environmental regulations. They struggle to find the information they need to make decisions about fleets, routes, and pricing. And across all industries, companies struggle to provide the same operational truth to all employees. Only technology can solve this.”

“The Tomorrow Show had so many great presentations, panel discussions, demos, and opportunities to learn and network with talented professionals in the energy, maritime, and technology sectors. It is inspiring to hear about the transformative power of Kongsberg Digital products that are strategically embedded into systems, processes, and daily operations for major energy and maritime operators worldwide.

We are proud to be shaping the future of work, helping industrial companies unlock the full value of their digitalisation efforts.”

“Whether maritime or grids, oil and gas or the full value chain, we see a lot of the same stories: The use of digital technology is a way to accelerate the energy transition. With our Industrial Work Surface – a single digital environment where you can connect data, assets, and workers to facilitate more effective end-to-end operations – companies can use technology to directly impact work and unlock value. Now we can:

  • Redefine how assets are operated and maintained.
  • Transform collaboration across teams, assets and enterprises.
  • Optimize any asset, process and integrated system to make it more efficient, resilient and sustainable.
  • Enable humans and technology to work together and enhance processes.
  • Connect previously siloed systems to increase access to key data-driven information.

The technology that you aspire to use tomorrow can already create value today.”

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Highlights from the Tomorrow Show: Memorable Quotes from our VP of Business Operations Americas

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