Kongsberg Digital is entering 2024 with a strong position

Kongsberg Digital is entering 2024 with a strong position

December 13, 2023
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Iben Kalberg

2023 has been a blast; we’ve been constantly contributing to enabling people and industries to work safer, smarter, and greener through the power of data. We leave 2023 in a strong position, with >50 % growth on recurring revenues, 90m USD raised from Shell and Idékapital, and a successful customer event, “Tomorrow Show,” in Houston.

We have officially embarked on 2024 – but first, we want to recap our journey in 2023. There’s already a blog about our first six months of 2023, so this blog will mostly focus on the second half. Enjoy the reading!

Shaping the future of work with partnerships and new signings

The first six months of 2023 offered Kongsberg Digital essential business opportunities, exciting collaborations, and diverse events.

We embraced the autumn with the same spirit and kicked it all off by signing a huge contract with Höegh Autoliners to digitalise the entire Höegh Autoliners fleet and the upcoming Aurora Class Newbuilds.  This strategic move solidifies their commitment to leveraging digital solutions for increased efficiency and sustainability in the maritime industry.

CEO of Kongsberg Digital, Shane McCardle said regarding the signing: “Höegh Autoliners has become more of a partner than a customer to us.”

We strongly believe in Höegh’s visions – they already operate the world’s greenest fleet in their segment, and by 2027, they aim to have the first net zero deep sea car carrier on water. Together, our two great companies will continue exploring ventures toward NetZero and make the maritime industry smarter, safer, and greener.

Shortly after we proudly announced our collaboration with the Brazilian offshore and merchant shipping company Posidonia. As part of this partnership, selected vessels from Posidonia’s fleet will be equipped with our vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, Vessel Insight, and the K-fleet applications suite.

Did you know we wrote a book in 2023?

‘Shaping the Future of Work' is a comprehensive guide to redefine how the industrial landscape is viewed during the technology-driven revolution within heavy-asset industries – such as maritime, energy, and renewables.

Download your free copy. Happy reading!

Our technology is being used worldwide

We are thrilled to see our cutting-edge simulation being chosen for various situations and in different types of companies all over the world. From Equinor using our Cutting-Edge Simulation Solutions for Safety and Emergency Training in the North of Norway, to schools like Aarhus Maskinmesterskole using our K-Sim Engine simulator.

Shaping the future of education within the maritime industry by empowering the next generation of maritime professionals is important to us, and we take great pride in it.  

With the investment of 90 million USD from Shell Ventures and Idékapital, Kongsberg Digital secured the most significant fundraising amongst Norwegian technology companies in 2023? (According to Sondo Capital)

In late 2023, the global leader in sustainable marine services, Svitzer, selected Kongsberg Digital to deliver state-of-the-art simulators in support of crew training at its Port of Newcastle base in Australia.

To see our products give successful results for our clients gives us constant energy to explore, innovate, and keep delivering world-class technology with the best quality within heavy asset industries.

In August, Kognitwin achieved the prestigious Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2) compliance. This accolade underscores our commitment to top-notch security, privacy, and operational excellence.

2023 contained a lot of new developing and collaboration, here’s a short summary:

  • We signed an agreement with The Metals Company to further develop the prototype of the digital twin Kongsberg Digital delivered in 2022.
  • Collaboration with the leading provider of cloud-based software platforms for the maritime industry – Ankeri! This collaboration will integrate Ankeri's Aware mobile application into Kongsberg Digital's marketplace for maritime clients, offering users an intuitive tool to understand fleet performance and sustainability trends.
  • We continued our collaboration with Shell Marine by adding the LubeMonitor application to the marketplace.
  • We have added the advanced K-Spice and LedaFlow® simulation technology natively to the Industrial Work Surface.

The Year of Artificial Intelligence

It’s impossible to write this blog without mentioning the big breakout of 2023 – generative AI. At Kongsberg Digital, we are passionate about the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reshape industries and drive innovation.

Together with C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell (as a part of the Open AI Energy Initiative) we collaborated in 2023 to create an advanced remote monitoring centre proof of concept, designed to offer real-time visualisation of asset performance. The innovative center is anticipated to accelerate the benefits of the digital twin, integrating with Shell’s operational processes and digital innovation with advanced capabilities that can enhance the productivity of operational experts.

“A digital twin elevated with Generative AI can bring that last mile of contextualisation, giving users a more flexible and intuitive way of interacting with vast amounts of data”, said Haavard Oestensen, Chief Commercial Officer at Kongsberg Digital.

In October, we also announced a strategic partnership with Exebenus, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for the oil and gas industry. By integrating Exebenus SpotterTM's ML agents into our Industrial Work Surface, we offer our customers a powerful solution to enhance their drilling operations.

We look forward pushing the boundaries for AI in 2024!  Both in terms of opportunities and challenges.

Did you know we produced a podcast called “Vindkast” together with Zero in 2023? You’ll find it at Spotify!

Tomorrow Show

Our program was packed with events in the first half of 2023, but it’s safe to say that the last six months contained even more. Let’s start with our first customer event – Tomorrow Show in Houston. After months of planning, we did it! Tomorrow Show was a big success, with more than 30 sessions featuring industry experts sharing the latest innovations, fresh perspectives, and success stories. People from all over the world came together in Houston for three incredible days of learning and inspiration. A huge thank you to all our attendees and participants for making these three days a remarkable success. We hope to see you all again at this year’s customer event.

Read some of the highlights from Tomorrow Show here, here, and here.  

By adopting the more proactive and predictive ways of working offered by a digital twin, midstream operators can move beyond reactive measures that are often too late and ineffective. A digital twin helps you see the future and prevent the past, providing a rich overview of the information you need to make the most informed and data-driven decisions for operations and maintenance.

.. And more events

2023 has been another reminder of how attending events is a great opportunity to share knowledge across heavy asset industries, showcase our solutions, and build a stronger community of collaborators and innovators. We strongly believe we can achieve more together, and it’s been fueling us to share insights and address challenges together.

Our program this autumn has been packed with valuable events, here’s some of them:

  • Donsö Shipping Meet
  • Kongsberg Digital's annual Maritime Simulation User Conference successfully kicked off in Singapore this week with 200 delegates from all over the world.
  • ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference 2023
  • Horten Tech Festival 2023
  • OTC Brasil

Ready for 2024

As we are now entering 2024 with a strong position, we first want to thank all our valued customers and partners for a fantastic 2023 and wish everyone a happy new year. We are more than excited for what’s to come in 2024, we will continue our growth, be on the path to net zero, and shape the future of work by the power of data.

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Kongsberg Digital is entering 2024 with a strong position

Iben Kalberg



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