Digital Twins for Asset Performance Management and Reliability Initiatives (Part 2)

Digital Twins for Asset Performance Management and Reliability Initiatives (Part 2)

March 17, 2024
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Susana Hite

In a previous blog, Customer Acquisition Manager Susana Hite covered specific problems that downstream operators encounter during daily operations. Now, Susana is guiding us to take a closer look at how digital twins can address these operational challenges to help operators maximise the efficiency, safety and intelligence of their operations.

Did you miss part 1? Read it here, and sign up for our free upcoming webinar Digital Twins for Asset Performance Management and Reliability on Wednesday, April 17 to continue the conversation.

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Susana Hite

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Digital Twin benefits for downstream operations

1. Solve the pain point of unscheduled shutdowns

What if a digital twin could access contextualized and actionable data so the operators can make sense of it, and make informed decisions to avert an unscheduled downtime?

Digital Twins analyze data from sensors on machinery and different Systems of Records (SoRs) to identify anomalies that hint at future failures. This proactive approach shifts maintenance from reactive to predictive, avoiding costly downtime.

Consider the impact on industries where uptime is critical. A digital twin can save millions. The secret? It's all in the data. By understanding the 'when' and 'why' behind machinery failures, companies can schedule maintenance during planned downtimes, keeping their operations smooth and uninterrupted.

But how do we harness the full potential of Digital Twins? It starts with integration. Companies need to integrate IoT technology, advanced analytics, and Machine Learning (ML) to create a cohesive system that not only predicts but also prevents unscheduled shutdowns. Luckily, Digital Twins lay a solid foundation for this cohesive system, allowing companies to benefit at speed and scale from a single environment that contains all data and applies advanced ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock the full value of data.

Screenshot of Kognitwin showing trends in an alarmed state and suggested corrective actions.

2. Successfully leverage data insights

What if a digital twin could remove large parts of manual work by facilitating more autonomous aggregation and contextualization of field production data?

Digital Twins can change how you approach field production. By mirroring physical assets in a digital realm, they're autonomous agents capable of aggregating and contextualizing data without human intervention. The power lies in the seamless integration of real-time data from various sources.

Sensors on physical assets feed data into the Digital Twin, enabling it to analyze patterns, predict outcomes, and even suggest optimizations. This means decisions are made faster, with a precision that manual processes could never achieve. But it's not just about data aggregation. The contextualization of this data transforms mere numbers into actionable insights. Imagine a pipeline's Digital Twin detecting a pressure anomaly. It doesn't just alert the team; it pinpoints the issue's location, suggests potential causes, and predicts the impact on production. This level of autonomy reduces the need for on-site inspections and manual data analysis, significantly cutting down fieldwork.

It's not just a cost-saving measure; it's a safety enhancement. Fewer field visits mean less exposure to hazardous environments for our workers. The future of field production is digital, autonomous, and insightful.

3. Improve data accessibility

What if a digital twin could make data available in the cloud, allowing anyone to access asset information securely – from anywhere in the world?

By mirroring physical assets, Digital Twins provide a comprehensive, real-time view of asset information, securely accessible from anywhere in the world. Here's the magic: By ingesting data into a single, secure, centralized cloud repository Digital Twins harness the power of data sharing to break down silos and democratize data. They ensure that the right information is available to the right people, at the right time, at all levels of the organization.

Security isn't just an add-on; it's built into the fabric of this digital replication, ensuring that data integrity and access control are paramount. But how do we leverage this for transformative outcomes? By integrating advanced analytics and AI, Digital Twins can predict maintenance needs and optimize performance based on real-time information flows and actual operating conditions. This isn't just about monitoring; it's about foreseeing, planning and excelling.

4. Optimize and streamline inspection routes

What if a digital twin could improve resource usage and streamline the development of inspection work packages for maximum efficiency?

By leveraging the power of Digital Twins, companies can transform their inspection routes from reactive to proactive, and even predictive. Digital Twins enable us to simulate various scenarios in a risk-free, low-cost environment.

This means we can predict potential failures before they happen, optimizing inspection routes based not only on past data but on future possibilities. The result is increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and significant cost savings.  Below is an example of work packages optimization, demonstrating just how easy it is to create a work package for inspection purposes within the digital twin interface.

Work Package workflow demonstration in Kognitwin.

Further, Digital Twins can learn and evolve. With each inspection, the digital twin becomes smarter, refining its predictions and recommendations. This continuous loop of feedback and improvement creates a living, learning system that keeps getting better with time. Imagine the impact on your operations. Less time spent on routine inspections. Fewer unexpected breakdowns. More time focusing on what truly matters.

Interested in learning more about Digital Twins?

Sign up for our upcoming free webinar Digital Twins for Asset Performance Management and Reliability on Wednesday, April 17. This is your chance to see how a digital twin can help you shape the future of work.

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Digital Twins for Asset Performance Management and Reliability Initiatives (Part 2)

Susana Hite

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