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Challenges Faced by Industrial Organisations

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Slow decision-making

Problem-solving and decision-making can be too slow, ineffective, and resource-intensive.


Lack of access to centralised data

No single source of the truth accessible to stakeholders across the organisation.

Break Down

Unable to generate useful insights

Disconnected apps and data makes it difficult to generate game-changing ideas.


Too many applications

The average user signs in and out of over seven different systems each day.

Enable Data

Work and data are siloed

Different business areas pursue their own agendas and goals, so work and data become siloed.


Siloed business areas prevent collaboration

Work silos prevent people from collaborating as much as they could be.

Say hello to Industrial Work Surface

  • Industry Solution Templates
  • System of Work
  • System of Engagement
  • Data Ops

Industry Solution Templates

Industry Solution Templates​

Explore new ways of working with our tailor-made industrial solution templates. Unlock your potential with industry-leading solutions designed to help you enhance workflows, take charge of operations, and elevate organisational productivity.

System of Work

System of Work​

The Industrial Work Surface is where people come to make progress, get the job done, and execute business processes in the metaverse. Reimagining work means facilitating end-to-end processes more efficiently. "Work" refers to a broad range of activities involving various processes and actors, including analytics, optimisation, planning, management, and operations.

  • Execute business processes in the metaverse.​
  • End-to-end work processes.​
  • Analytics, optimisation, planning, management, operations​.

System of Engagement

System of Engagement​

The System of Engagement allows you to interact and collaborate with data, models, and individuals, execute tasks and complete actual work. Its capabilities range from built-in rich collaboration features, advanced contextual and time-based annotations, and adaptive user experiences driven by activity patterns and AI to integrated asset exploration with asset explorer, asset search, query builder, visual filtering, and overlays.

  • Execute business processes in the metaverse.​
  • Interact with the data, including self-service of advanced cross-domain data exploration, visualisation, annotation, and modification workflows.
  • Enable users and personas with different needs to be served optimally from the same underlying data.
  • Standardise asset exploration, information gathering and visualisation for global access.

Data Ops


The DataOps capabilities built into the Industrial Work Surface accelerate the realisation of business value by creating predictable delivery and change management of data and data models. DataOps automates the designing, deploying, and managing data delivery with appropriate levels of governance, using metadata and various enrichment and contextualisation methods to enhance the usability and value of data through the highly dynamic and “business real-time” Industrial Work Surface.

Our capabilities include:

  • Self-Service tools​
  • Contextualisation Engine​
  • Data Modelling, Integration, Quality management​

Enabling Safer, Smarter, Greener ways of working

Supporting the widescale digital transformation of the heavy asset industry.


Elevate safety, security, and reliability in your industrial operations through increased transparency, advanced error-reduction technologies, strategic personnel relocation, and continuous training and education initiatives.


Boost operational efficiency by unlocking critical insights that empower personnel to make smarter decisions. Eliminate the need for on-site staff through digitalisation and automation, enabling seamless remote operations.


Improve climate and environmental impact/performance by supporting fuel and voyage optimisation to support smarter decisions. Embrace the green revolution with us as your digital partner.

Enabling Safer, Smarter, Greener ways of working

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface is already delivering measurable value.


Use Kongsberg Digital solutions

Kongsberg Digital technology is relied on by 30% of real-time drilling operation centers worldwide.


New assets each year

Kongsberg Digital helps digitally transform up to 15 assets annually for the world’s largest oil and gas companies.


Reduction in time spent at work

The Industrial Work Surface enables users to instantly see where there will be conflicts with simultaneous operations.

Technology Capabilities of the Industrial Work Surface



The Industrial Work Surface empowers data and analytics teams to seamlessly observe, test, and automate the tools, data, processes, and environments within their entire data analytics organisation.

This allows experts to gain valuable insights from your data, driving innovation and maximising efficiency.



We harness the power of Generative AI to transform your data experience and help users extract valuable insights from documents and extensive transactional data sets faster and easier using natural language and voice commands.

Integrating AI-driven tools like chat and advanced search functions serve as powerful enhancements to your existing workflows, delivering the highest value when combined with other features within our Industrial Work Surface.



Utilise our cloud platform and the Industrial Work Surface to access real-time, high-fidelity simulations of your process facilities.

This empowers you to swiftly identify and address issues and opportunities that can help you improve day-to-day operations.

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Maximise business performance and drive more value

Built with our proven technology, the Industrial Work Surface is already delivering measurable value.

3 months


An asset has a typical digitisation time of 3 months, enabling rapid scaling across the enterprise.


Users are more efficient.

With one system to plan, execute and close out work, 85% of users feel they are more efficient.


Users Worldwide

At-scale delivery of digital twin technology to integrated energy companies.

Strategic Multi-Year Agreements to Digitalise Global Assets

Both Shell and Chevron have partnered with Kongsberg Digital in multi-year agreements to expand the deployment of our solutions to assets globally. This will drive greater profitability and sustainability by transforming assets for long-term agility, resilience, and performance.

“We continue to strengthen our digital twin capability and expand deployment to more assets globally. Wider digital twin adoption across our assets enables Shell to continue to accelerate our digital innovation journey driving efficiency improvments. ”

Owen O'Connell

SVP & CIO - Upstream and Projects & Technologies

“This is really changing the way that engineers get work done. The speed of change in our industry requires us to think differently, act differently and support each other differently to have more impactful results in meeting the world's energy needs.”

Keith Johnston

Manager, Digital Engineering

Gather more insights by exploring more helpful resources

See how Kongsberg Digital’s deep domain expertise helps industrial organisations achieve more.

Meet Anders Bryhni, Vice President of Maritime Products at Kongsberg Digital. Anders leads Vessel Insight's product development from design through to development and testing. With a blend of industry expertise and product knowledge, he ensures that the company’s maritime solutions support decision-making and work processes within performance management, operational reporting, and technical operations for customers globally.


Vessel Insight helps shipping companies and ship owners unlock the value of their data. Lower fuel consumption, reduce operational expenses, and simplify collaboration onboard and on shore through digital technologies and easier access to high-quality data. Read more about Vessel Insight here.

Following the Tomorrow Show in Houston last month, we caught up with Anders to hear more about his thoughts on the future of work, digital transformation learnings and data quality.

At Kongsberg Digital, we have a strong focus on shaping the future of work. What does that mean from a maritime perspective?

Anders: Across the maritime sector – and actually, across most heavy-asset industries – the IT space is quite fragmented. That means there is both a need and an opportunity to fix this fragmentation. When we talk about shaping the future of work, one of our focus areas is figuring out how we can create solutions that build on a common foundation. For us, this common foundation is an Industrial Work Surface where work processes and collaboration happen in a single digital environment that has all the data from a customer’s vessels or facilities.

With this common foundation where integration happens on the data layer in the back end, we can build applications and use cases on the front end that increase the value of both data and technology to various roles in the industry. Going forward, we expect to see more development, more integrations at the front end, and more opportunities to create value for our clients and partners.

Vessel Insight is one of Kongsberg Digital’s more mature verticals. Are there any digital transformation success stories that can be shared both with the maritime industry and beyond to other verticals like oil and gas?

We are all here to create value for clients. The technical aspects are crucial – but beyond back-end technical things, it is essential to find good ways to get data and capabilities into the hands of users across the value chain. Without creating solutions designed to fit the work processes of users, value is just going to be created so much slower. And we need to solve client problems without creating new silos, bringing us back to the importance of a single place to find information, visualise data and execute end-to-end work processes.

A key pillar of Vessel Insight is building strong partnerships and client relationships, helping us solve use cases that apply for many users in maritime. The Industrial Work Surface is giving us a way to build on this success to support value chains covering several industries or verticals, creating new opportunities for integration and cross-vertical collaboration. For customers who want to play a role in advancing the energy transition and reap the benefits that technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) has to offer, digitalising work processes across the whole value chain is the way forward.

What do customers want to see more of from Kongsberg Digital?

Customers want solutions that are industry-driven, ones that solve the challenges they face every day. That means we must design the right user experiences and support decisions with data. Therefore, we focus on data and more specifically, data quality. We work extensively on standardizing asset models of vessels to create a solid data foundation, and then we map the data and work from there with our customers to create applications.  

We also bring in industry-leading partners to give customers a marketplace where customers can find solutions to their problems, even those that we at Kongsberg Digital aren’t actively tackling right now. This way, we offer customers new ways of working and they can make decisions based on easy access to quality data through our APIs (Applications and programming interfaces).

Talking about data – can you tell us more about achieving data quality?

Data quality is a broad term, and of course, there are many answers to this depending on who you ask. For us, it starts with connectivity. We make sure that connectivity is as robust as possible and that datasets are complete.  

Any data that’s ingested needs to comply with standards. We have internal standards in our platforms, and map data to industry standards when required. For example, maintenance systems need to comply with regulations, and we work hard to ensure that the quality of data is fit for purpose. We also align data management strategies with our partners to ensure long-term success when developing our solutions and adding applications to our Vessel Insight Marketplace.

Anders, thank you for sharing your valuable insights. Before we wrap up, any parting words of wisdom for our readers?

Just get started. You don’t need the best data, the most modern fleet, or years of training to start seeing the value of technology for your operations. Bring us what you have and let’s see what we can do.  

If you would like to hear more about Vessel Insight, please contact us.

Highlights from the Tomorrow Show: Catching up with our VP of Maritime Products Highlights from the Tomorrow Show: Catching up with our VP of Maritime Products

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