Kognifai Maritime Support and Service Level Agreement

Here you can find the support and service levels you will receive as a subscriber to services and applications running on the Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem.

For further information please contact us at mailbox-trust.

Applications and services


Delivered by

Vessel Insight

Vessel to cloud data infrastructure and services, consisting of hardware and software

Kongsberg Digital AS

3rd party applications

3rd party applications and services made available through the Kognifai Marketplace

Certified Partners

KONGSBERG applications

Applications and services running in the cloud or onboard vessels

Kongsberg Maritime AS or Kongsberg Digital AS

Service Level Objectives

KONGSBERG is committed to providing high quality and secure services to its customers and will make its best effort to ensure 24X7 availability of the service. Service level objectives provide a quantitative measure of the level of service.  Information about the status of the service can be found at https://vesselinsight.statuspage.io/

The following objectives are defined:


The service level objective for Vessel Insight services and all other applications and services is to achieve a minimum of 98 % availability measured monthly. KONGSBERG will conduct system maintenance to ensure the achievement of this objective. Information about planned and ongoing maintenance can be found at  https://vesselinsight.statuspage.io/

Maintenance might result in service downtime. Downtime because of system maintenance is not included in the calculation of the availability metric
Additional information on availability, system maintenance and downtime please visit the definition section in this document.

Support Response Time
Customers with valid Terms are entitled to support as part of the service.

KONGSBERG Support operates according to a follow the sun concept and is available 24/7 via:

KONGSBERG Support provides 1st line of support to identify problems, suggest actions and categorizes customer requests as either defect, change requests or other. KONGSBERG Support also is responsible for escalation of incidents to 2nd line support.

For defects an incident is raised and a priority (1,2,3) is assigned. Change requests are assigned priority 3 by default. 

For Vessel Insight, 3rd party applications as well as KONGSBERG applications the following response (time) objectives have been defined based on incident priority:

Support and Response





Issue meets at least one of the following group 1 criteria:

  • security is compromised or potentially compromised

And meets the following criteria:

  • No workaround available/li>

Within 1 hour during business hoursSolutions will be made available to the customers by means of an emergency patch, configuration change.


Issues meeting at least one of the following:

  • Unavailability of Kognifai Core Services
  • Unavailability of Vessel Insight
  • Unavailability of API Services
  • Functionality not working as expected
  • Degradiation in performance, service response times
  • Have a negative impact on decision making based on information presented

Within 1 business day – during business hours.Defects reportedwill be resolved as part of a planned release or a service release executed within the maintenance windows according to roadmap provided.


Issues falling in the following categories:

  • Requests for new features or functionality
  • Requests for changes to existing functionality
  • Data formatting or representation issues/li>

Issues reported will be considered and if prioritized planned for release. 


Vessel Insight is a service consisting of hardware and software. The hardware provided as part of the service remains the property of KONGSBERG unless otherwise agreed. The customer is responsible for the installation and operation of the hardware in accordance with KONGSBERG’s specification.
Customers are required to contact Customer Support in case of malfunction, damage or suspected abuse of the hardware to arrange a replacement or service.


KONGSBERG’s warrants that the services shall be available in accordance with the service level objectives above. KONGSBERG’s responsibility is limited to Vessel Insight service, including the hardware and software.

This warranty shall not include any service unavailability during scheduled or un-scheduled system maintenance or due to issues beyond the control of KDI such as but not limited to:

  • Interface’s provided by 3rd party suppliers.
  • Services that typically involves consultancy, remote configuration (2nd line support), remote training, remote supervision, modifications, etc. is NOT included in the agreement and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Speed or reliability of the internet connection by which the end user is accessing the server.
  • Hardware, configuration and web browsers used by end-user to access service.
  • Security, firewall/proxy servers and other network components required to access the internet.
  • Performance level of the internet service provider that services the customer and its users.
  • Performance, Speed and reliability of the internet connection on-board the vessel.
  • Reliability and capacity of power supply.
  • Physical security controls.
  • Vessel maintenance


Customer can escalate incidents if the service level objectives as described above have not been met by contacting KONGSBERG through regular channels or as described below:

Anders Bryhni VP Maritime and Venkata Ramana K, VP Product Excellence

When escalating an incident please include the following information:

  • IncidentID
  • Contact details, so we can contact you
  • Relevant information regarding defect

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