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Last updated on 17 October 2023

A browser cookie is a small data file transmitting information to the user’s browser, with as purpose to authenticate or identify the user. A cookie cannot collect information from the user’s computer or carry any viruses.

Cookies are normally stored on your PC and may contain information such as registration data, user preferences and enabling basic website functionalities. When a server receives a request from a browser that has a cookie, the server is then able to use the information stored in the cookie. For example, the server might be able to customize what is sent back to the user, or keep a log of particular user’s requests.


Any personal information with which we are provided is used exclusively to help us help you!


KONGSBERG DIGITAL uses several cookies, that enable the user to experience the information provided in the best way, and to help us maximize the user-friendliness of our web.

By using the KONGSBERG DIGITAL website, you approve that we can set cookies in your browser. Note, cookies can always be deleted and or disabled. Please refer to your browser’s help file to determine the browser’s settings.

Be aware that the webpages will not have optimal functionality if cookies are deleted or blocked in settings.


Necessary Cookies




vf_[your-site]_% Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This cookie is the one that means you are logged in. Delete this cookie and you end your session. This format is just a convention. The [your-site] is a string that represents your site and is assigned when your site is spun up. For this site the cookie name is vf_success_% The % is a random hash that gets assigned. For the rest of this document, assume that % represents vf_[your-site]_% .
  • Cannot be opted out of.
%-tk Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This token is anonymous and is used for CSRF protection.
  • Cannot be opted out of.
%-Vv Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This token is anonymous and is used to track visits. It stores no data other than that the user has visited the site. When a user visits the site his/her user profile is updated with the lastVisitDate and this cookie is set. This cookie is set to expire in 20 minutes. Whenever the page loads we check if this cookie is still active, if it is we add 20 minutes to the expiry date. If it is not, we update the lastVisitDate in the user's profile, we record it as a new visit.
  • Cannot be opted out of
%-vA Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This token is used for Analytics tracking. EU users have their data anonymized by default. 
  •  We store several pieces of information on this single cookie: 
    •  Privacy Mode - A numeric flag, used to determine how much we anonymize a user's data when tracking analytics. This value is automatic, based on the detected country of origin. 
    • Session ID -  >A randomly-generated ID used to track signed-in-user activity. This value is reset between visits to the site.
    • Secondary Session ID - A randomly-generated ID used to track events that could include guest data (e.g. page views).
    • UUID- A randomly-generated ID used to uniquely identify the user. This ID can persist between site visits but only lives in the user's analytics cookie. 
  •  Cannot be opted out of, but sites can disable Vanilla Advanced Analytics.
__vnOz0 and __vnOz1 Higher Logic Vanilla
  • These cookies are generated when the Who's Online addon or widget is enabled. The purpose of this cookie is to tell the application that there is an active guest visitor, someone without a session, that has been active for at least 20 mins. No other data is kept about the user. Every time a user refreshes the page or navigates to another page this cookie is renewed and the visit is considered active. The value of the cookie is just a random hash, it does not contain any data. 
  • Cannot be opted out of, but sites can opt not to use the Who's Online addon or widget.
__vnf Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This the Troll Management cookie. It is not anonymous and persists after logout. It's not used by anything except the Troll Management addon. It is only initially assigned when users log in and does not apply to users who remain guests. 
  • This is a randomly-generated ID we use to "fingerprint" users to determine if one user is utilizing multiple accounts on a community. It is not derived from any PII. 
  • Cannot be opted out of, but sites can disable the Troll Management addon.
vf-%-sid Higher Logic Vanilla
  • This is a "session" cookie (sid = session ID). The value maps to a row in Vanilla's Session table. This table is used to temporarily store information for a user. More often than not, this cookie is created as part of an SSO sign-in (although it can also make an appearance when users initiate the "forgot my password" workflow). Depending on the SSO method, Vanilla might need to "remember" some initial values to complete sign-in, after the user is redirected back to the site from the authentication provider. 
  • Cannot be opted out of.
__cfruid - Higher Logic Vanilla
  • Strictly necessary to support Cloudflare Rate Limiting. This cookie is required to manage incoming traffic and to have better visibility on the origin of a particular request. It makes sure that different users on the same network (sharing the same IP) doing requests to rate-limited URLs won't be counted as one user in order to avoid rate limiting issues. Cannot be opted out of.

Information collected is used in the following ways:

  • Information is collected and stored in order to assist us in fulfilling your requests for information, and providing you with the publications you need. 
  • We do not sell any of the information we receive. Please note, that our website may contain links to other, non-KONGSBERG DIGITAL websites. KONGSBERG DIGITAL is not responsible for the privacy practices of other such sites. KONGSBERG DIGITAL appreciates your visit to our website and your interest in our products.
We want you to feel secure visiting our site, and we assure you that your personal information is safe with us.

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