Tomorrow Show: Ola Shadiya – Digital innovation across the energy value chain

Tomorrow Show: Ola Shadiya – Digital innovation across the energy value chain

October 18, 2023
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Iben Kalberg

Tomorrow Show is fast approaching - here comes the next teaser interview with one of the stakeholders: Ola Shadiya Oluwadairo, Smart Engineering Product Manager in Chevron.

Who is Ola?

Ola is leading the development and integration of Chevron's inaugural digital twins. As the lead of the Team-of-Teams for early-phase framing of digital twins, she's been instrumental in unveiling fresh opportunities and solutions, yielding substantial business success. She leads a global team of over 60 resources, product owners, and development teams, driving the delivery of digital twin solutions, applications, and products while also overseeing vendor relationships. Under her leadership, the program has generated millions in savings and contributed to deploying 200+ product features and approximately ten digital products on a significant scale.

Her journey began with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University and culminated in a doctorate from Oklahoma State University. After grad school, she did a couple of internships before joining Chevron, where she's been for the last 14 years. 

"It's a good workplace and a good culture. Working with Chevron feels important, delivering safer and reliable energy, which is an important aspect of our lives, and trying to enable lower carbon as well" , says Ola.

Chevron's vision is to deliver cleaner energy while lowering its carbon footprint.

Passion for digital twins and data

"I am currently working with Digital Twin, an exciting technology. But you need data for any product you are trying to digitalize, so being able to have trusted and verified data is important. In our industry, we leverage data for everything we do, and we have used data for a long time, but sometimes data can be a little siloed. So, I am passionate about how we can create an eco-system where we can bring all that data together and gain the right insights from the data."

"There are a lot of data in this industry. Still, the ability to bring it to one common platform and the ability to be able to apply analytics to improve decision-making is what we want to do next. We have already taken that journey at Chevron, but we want to scale that across the enterprise".

Joining Tomorrow Show

Ola will join Tomorrow Show in Houston, participating in a Panel on digital innovation across the energy value chain.

"I will share information on how Chevron has leveraged digital technology to transform our business truly. Traditionally, Chevron is an oil and gas company, and the ability to transform the business with different digital tools is the highlight of our discussion at Tomorrow Show. The ability to leverage data and move across the digital landscape. And how we can make sure we have a good strategy and standards to manage and maintain data to solve different business problems is key to enabling the success of digital transformation."

"Typically, technology starts on a small scale. Without scalability, you won't get the value expected across the enterprise. The ability to start with a small idea, test it out, verify that it's of value, and then scale it. Once you scale it, you can also track the benefits of this technology. Many people in industry have been working in a specific way, and they need to understand the value of why they are asked to make changes to support new workflows enabled by digital.  You can’t digitize old ways of working, you must transform how you do your day-to-day business. How do we simplify and make changes so that the value of digital technology can truly come to light?"

Join Tomorrow Show to see Ola talk about how Chevron is leveraging change management and business transformations to truly get value from their digital efforts.

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Tomorrow Show: Ola Shadiya – Digital innovation across the energy value chain

Iben Kalberg


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