Tomorrow Show Sneak Peek: CCO's Insights

Tomorrow Show Sneak Peek: CCO's Insights

September 19, 2023
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Haavard Oestensen

See what Kongsberg Digital's EVP & Chief Commercial Officer is looking forward to at the Tomorrow Show in Houston, this coming October.

“Why am I excited about the Tomorrow Show? It’s a unique opportunity to connect with a forward-thinking community that values digital innovation and shares our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. To our partners, vendors, customers, and users – I hope to see you at the event. Join us for invaluable insights and opportunities that will leave you inspired and position you at the forefront of industry and technology trends."

As a company offering end-to-end coverage across operational value chains for industrial enterprises, it’s an honor to host the upcoming Tomorrow Show in Houston this October – the first of its kind that brings together industry experts to learn, share and connect around topics that span the entire energy and maritime value chains upstream through downstream and to the consumer.

Collectively, the industry needs new ways of working, and these must be developed alongside the continuous need for industries to adapt themselves to address the energy trilemma. The digital transition requires ongoing innovation in tools and solutions including AI, DataOps, sensors, connected devices, Machine Learning and digital twins. The energy transition requires new energy ventures toward net zero, enhanced efficiency measures, alternative energy sources, digital workers – and most importantly, blueprints that help the industry develop systems and solutions so they can work in safer, smarter and greener ways.
These are topics that will be covered at the Tomorrow Show, with guests and speakers from companies like Chevron, Shell, Höegh Autoliners and more. Be prepared to hear about topics ranging from growing a global innovation community with digital twins as a core enabler to digitalising deep sea vessels to achieve zero emissions. We will dive into the importance of simulation and analytics for optimised energy efficiency and look at how to unlock more value in greenfield projects, to name just a few of the event highlights.

As part of Kongsberg Digital’s continued vision to shape the future of work, there will also be breakout sessions across the two-day event featuring product updates and announcements for our energy and maritime solutions. This is a golden opportunity for attendees to see the bigger picture of how safer, smarter and greener operations can translate to savings across the entire value chain. Come see how to reduce human errors and enable a 30% increase in productivity. Understand how to work towards net-zero with up to 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

We know that digital transformation will continue to play a pivotal role as an enabler in the ongoing energy transition. Kongsberg Digital is committed to making a tremendous impact, and the Tomorrow Show is where customers, partners, industry leaders, and even futurologists (don’t miss the chance to see Magnus Lindkvist take the stage) come together with a shared purpose of advancing our industries. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Tomorrow Show Sneak Peek: CCO's Insights

Haavard Oestensen

Chief Commercial Officer at Kongsberg Digital

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