Tensio to utilize digital twin service Kognitwin Grid

Tensio to utilize digital twin service Kognitwin Grid

August 10, 2021
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Morten Hansen

The research project KogniGrid, investigating the potential for digital twin assistance and operation of power grids is recently finalized. The result is Kongsberg Digital?s newly commercialized digital twin for power grids, Kognitwin Grid. Tensio has now signed up for a six-month trial of the new SaaS product.

"With the increasing use of green energy sources, the rising prevalence of electric transportation and continued electrification of our energy systems, society is moving forward, but our current infrastructures are under pressure. Our grids are not built to handle the new complexity and if we experience black-outs, electric ferries will not run, and neither will the electric buses or vehicles we will come to rely on", says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG.

There is a pressing need for new tools that enable precise, data-driven and always-on insight into how much energy is needed, when, and that alert operators when there are threats to the grid. Digital twins allow operators to forecast grid condition, balance grids and prevent black-outs, and we are happy that Tensio has decided to continue their close relationship with Kongsberg Digital through our Kognitwin Grid service.

Green transition of energy systems world-wide

As the energy system of the world is facing an influx of intermittent, distributed and renewable energy and a sharp increase in electrification, power grid infrastructures are under pressure. The lack of foresight into specific energy needs and loads will result in one of two scenarios. Without insight, the solution is to keep building out grids for maximum capacity, resulting in more costly infrastructures and hence power to consumers. With insight, however, operators can foresee specific needs, and introduce measures to balance grids without building out with bricks and mortar. In this scenario, grid operators are key in accelerating the energy transition.

Digital twins for grids

A digital twin of a grid can provide insight and forecasts to identify grid bottleneck, simulate grid scenarios and optimize grid investments?. Based on the company?s proprietary digital platform Kognifai, Kongsberg Digital has developed a SaaS product, Kognitwin Grid, in close collaboration with the industry and research partners. The focus has been to give operators the ability to foresee challenges to grid infrastructures, automate alerts and complex processes, to ensure complete control and pave the way towards the digitalized energy system of the future.

Kognitwin Grid is a direct result of the KogniGrid project, launched in 2018, as a collaboration with BKK Nett, Tensio (NTE Nett), Statnett, Microsoft and SINTEF ? and co-funded with 25 MNOK by the PILOT-E, a funding scheme set up by the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway and Enova. BKK Nett has now signed a new six-month research project for further development and testing of Kognitwin Grid.

The six-month trial will be important for Tensio, using the last part of 2021 to utilize the full potential of Kognitwin Grid. Like all Norwegian DSOs, Tensio faces expectations to become more efficient, simultaneously as demand for grid capacity is increasing. Kognitwin Grid is a new and exciting product on the market that we believe will be a useful tool towards a smarter, greener and more efficient energy system. With better insight we can get better decision support, a more foresighted grid operation and better customer management, says Trygve Kvernland, CEO of Tensio.


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Tensio to utilize digital twin service Kognitwin Grid

Morten Hansen

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