Success story: BCIT using K-Sim Connect cloud simulation

Success story: BCIT using K-Sim Connect cloud simulation

June 27, 2023
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Morten Hansen

Since 2018, Kongsberg Digital has been delivering cloud-based simulator applications to The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), providing their Power Engineering students with simulator training through K-Sim Connect. It’s rewarding when customers share their success stories, and we are pleased that our simulators continue to be a valuable assessment and training tool for junior and senior engineers worldwide.

We want to thank Kongsberg Digital for another successful year, and we’re pleased with the results once again. Our students did an incredibly good job and completed all required learning objectives, while using Kongsberg Digital’s high-fidelity eLearning solution for Thermal Power Plant model via the K-Sim Connect portal. We look forward to continuing our partnership for the next school year and beyond!

Sergiy Yatlo, Instructor, ABCIT Power Engineering

BCIT is located in Burnaby, Canada, and has taught and trained experts, professionals, and innovators across Canada and the globe since 1964. They offer a diverse range of career-focused programs and applied research opportunities to prepare students for industry success

One of the best ways to learn is by doing, and students at BCIT have access to hands-on experiences for various operational scenarios including safety protocols, emergency handling routines, and start-up and shut-down procedures. This helps them learn through practical exercises that build on theoretical lessons, giving them a safe environment in which to understand the potential dangers that could happen during operations – and how best to deal with these situations.

We are thrilled to see that our product contributes to students gaining knowledge on how to operate smarter, safer, and greener. These students are the future, and our continued collaboration with BCIT is very rewarding.

Lourdes Ramos Evans (MBA) Senior Manager, Digital Services, Kongsberg Digital

Students can gain confidence in their ability to deal with emergency situations, and become more familiar with standard processes across the industry. They can test anything, and train for everything. It gives them a place to learn, discuss, share, and pass on knowledge, preparing them in the safest way possible to handle real-life scenarios once their education is completed.

Kongsberg Digital now delivers cutting-edge simulators as cloud-based training to several prestigious schools within heavy asset industries. Read more about another customer success story with the Antwerp Maritime Academy here.

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Success story: BCIT using K-Sim Connect cloud simulation

Morten Hansen

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