Students won award in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital

Students won award in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital

August 13, 2021
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Morten Hansen

Four students at the University of Southeast Norway campus Kongsberg have developed a new software, which recently won the award for Best project 2021. The software was developed in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital’s department in Asker

The new software is called TagExplorer and is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that runs on desktop and mobile devices. By scanning a tag with the mobile camera, users get a complete list of all relevant documents such as maintenance manuals, instructions, certificates and reports. In addition, all the equipment is geo marked, which makes it easy for users to get a detailed overview of where everything is. TagExplorer allows users to connect to the cloud containing data from Kognitwin Energy, which is a Digital Twin developed by Kongsberg Digital, that gives a detailed and complete overview of all the different parts of the industrial facility.

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TagExplorer is currently using data from Shell’s industrial plant Nyhamna, but the data could also be coming from any other digital twin living in Kongsberg’s ecosystem, as they all share the same API. Configuring TagExplorer with another asset (oil platform, processing plant or refinery) only requires URL to the API to be changed. Shell has chosen KDI’s Kognitwin as a preferred Digital Twin for all their assets worldwide, which makes it possible to exploit TagExplorer’s potential. Since January 2020, Nyhamna’s Dynamic Digital Twin has been in operation and evolving continuously through monthly product releases, focusing on safe, effective and integrated work processes and optimization of production and energy use.

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A promising future

In the competition, the students outscored 13 other teams. Kongsberg Digital’s department manager, Tomasz Przechodzki, says that these students have a promising future in the industry.

“We started working together with the students in December last year and the project was delivered in June. They have managed to deliver a completely finished product that meets the customer’s requirements, so they really deserve this award. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of a promising career for all of them”, says Przechodzki.

TagExplorer is developed by the students Sorn N. Z. Maksumic, Jonas Berntsen, Thomas Kaafjeld and Mathias L. Dozsa. They think it’s incredibly fun to win the award.

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“Winning this award is a real confirmation that we have done something right. It has been a huge job to get acquainted with so much unknown technology, but also very exciting! We are therefore incredibly proud of our final result”, they say.

Will be integrated with existing solution

Kongsberg Digital will further develop TagExplorer by porting the application to RealWear device. RealWear is a headset equipped with a camera and a small screen, which is fully voice controlled. Through this system, engineers can both get information and document the work they are doing without using their hands.

RealWear is becoming a standard device for workers from engineering industries and is already being used in real working environments, so that’s why we want to implement it. We are currently having summer internship students porting TagExplorer to RealWear and making it fully voice controlled”, says Przechodzki.

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Students won award in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital

Morten Hansen

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