Say hello to the Industrial Work Surface: data and insights for new ways of working

Say hello to the Industrial Work Surface: data and insights for new ways of working

February 28, 2023
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Morten Hansen

The industrial metaverse is a space within the larger metaverse where humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) connect to optimise physical systems with the help of technology. It's the internet we know, but bigger - the virtual connection of services, actors, humans, robots, and SaaS solutions, designed with integration as a priority.

In the case of carbon-intensive industries - like maritime and oil and gas - it includes software that transforms the way people work today by bringing together data, industry-specific tooling, and Internet of Things devices like sensors. And as we continue to progress towards concepts like the metaverse, it's essential to embrace Industry 5.0 and put humans back at the center of technology while reducing the complexity of the systems around us. The Industrial Work Surface helps you do just that.

Say hello to the Industrial Work Surface

With all the hype around digitalisation, AI, and IIoT, what's been missing is a way to truly transform how businesses operate by connecting digital strategies to the operating model. The Industrial Work Surface is a new way to fast-track transformation and accelerate value by injecting intelligence into daily operations and automating repetitive tasks to achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations.

It's enabling businesses to leverage industrial data across the entire value chain to drive smarter decision-making, fixing up to 70% of operational inefficiencies within just three months.

It's not just a data platform. It's not just a collection of applications. It's a way to change how people do their daily work using software that has measurable, demonstrable value. 10% reduction in time spent at work. 85% of users feel more efficient when using our solutions to do their everyday work.

“It’s the simplification of digitalisation. We want to help you work more efficiently by shaping the technology that’s already available into something that’s understandable at any level.”

Shane McArdle CEO

The Industrial Work Surface is a toolbox at the disposal of every person in your company. We build the business case from day one to ensure a holistic solution that can be implemented rapidly by any business regardless of its digital maturity. This is where carbon-intensive companies can access and scale:

  • Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) facility modelling
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy optimisation recommendations
  • Carbon emissions information and ESG reporting
  • Performance analytics on critical equipment
  • New energy ventures towards net-zero
  • Technology to balance grids and complex power systems

Better collaboration for teams, assets, and enterprises

With the Industrial Work Surface, we're bringing you better collaboration for teams, assets, and enterprises. With a single place to do all your work, it's eroding the boundaries between people and machines. It's embedding intelligence into workflows to rewrite the division of labour and automate processes, freeing up humans to do what they do best: innovate, collaborate, and shape a more sustainable future.

It's a new way to bring user empathy to the forefront, providing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for everyone from field technicians to executives, with faster access to more complete information that can be filtered to reflect role-based contexts.

"What's the job to be done? How is it done today? Where are the inefficiencies - and how can we improve them? How can we digitalise this? How can we make it smarter, safer, and greener" - Shane McArdle, CEO

"What's the job to be done? How is it done today? Where are the inefficiencies - and how can we improve them? How can we digitalise this? How can we make it smarter, safer, and greener"

Shane McArdle, CEO

Work smarter, work greener

It's a new way of working that helps businesses unlock the value of digitalisation as they move towards decarbonised operations, with up to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It's codifying years of domain knowledge into the latest technology to create a single interface that provides the data, insights, and automation of workflows that you need. With all information in one place, there's no need to go back to multiple source systems. On average, a worker on-site uses as many as seven different siloed systems for one work task. Now, everything can be accessed and viewed in a single location: The Industrial Work Surface.

Work safer

Safety is a priority, and the Industrial Work Surface makes it easier to achieve a zero-incident rate - even at scale. Covid-19 has delayed maintenance and product delivery, and businesses are still feeling the after-effects. Operating facilities need better uptime, capacity, and throughput while keeping safety front of mind. The Industrial Work Surface makes it possible to realise top-line savings by promoting spatial awareness on-site and facilitating remote operations. This is especially important as the maritime and energy industries continue to recover from a challenging period in recent years.

Putting people first

At Kongsberg Digital, we understand that different users have different levels of digital savviness. That's why the Industrial Work Surface speaks to all levels of users, with standardised onboarding processes, product teams, and customer support specialists that speak your language. It's a tool that works for everyone, allowing users to identify and solve bad data problems themselves.

Industry collaborations

It's easily accessible with built-in efficiency, helping you align with the latest industry regulations to remain compliant. Wide-scale adoption is a reality, and with more users, behaviours change faster to create a cumulative effect of efficiency that enables even bigger returns of value. And we continue to co-create with industry partners and innovate for technological excellence, ensuring an Industrial Work Surface that transforms industry operations at scale for a better tomorrow.

Say hello today

It's the place where you come to plan and design, operate, and maintain your assets. It's where you do your daily work. It's an integral part of your working day that's so seamless and easy to use that you hardly notice the world-class technology behind it.  

It's the perfect choice to help shape your company for the future.

Say hello to the Industrial Work Surface!

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Say hello to the Industrial Work Surface: data and insights for new ways of working

Morten Hansen

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