Put data to work with SiteCom® Well Advisor

Put data to work with SiteCom® Well Advisor

August 19, 2022
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Morten Hansen

The incredible power of digital technology, in the right hands, can provide extra muscle, intelligence and experience to well construction – turbo-charging decision making, ramping up operational safety and mitigating squashing the risk of costly NPT events.Well Advisor from Kongsberg Digital is enabling real-time decision support across drilling operations, translating decades of hard-won expertise into tangible, immediate benefits for your project.

Real-time insight

There is no lack of data in our business; details about every operation, journeys short or long, decisions good and bad, each bit of equipment as well as subcomponents and over-arching infrastructure . . . it is all monitored, recorded, processed, and stored. And then often forgotten. Or ignored.

It does not have to be that way. Well Advisor, leveraging the power of Kongsberg Digital’s proven SiteCom® software, puts that valuable information to work in real time during well construction operations using meaningful, intuitive visualizations on multiple metrics.

The result is valuable, immediate insights that can improve performance, cut costs, and facilitate and preserve knowledge transfer. Think reduced non-productive time events, think enhanced integrity and efficiency, think increased visibility and no surprises.


Tested, trusted

So, what exactly is SiteCom® Well Advisor, what can it do, and why do we think it is a game-changer?

Five quick facts:

  • Well Advisor has been used for more than 400 casing/liner/completion tubing running operations
  • Well Advisor has been deployed around the globe on 32 offshore installations
  • Well Advisor has been used in more than 100 wells in total, on more than 770km of tubulars
  • When using the casing running console in Well Advisor, our users have reported a significant decrease in stuck casing incidents – one operator has to date had zero stuck casing incidents
  • And – drum roll please – the estimated value of reduced NPT for one of our partners using Well Advisor was $200m when last measured.


Targeted benefits

SiteCom® Well Advisor was developed in partnership with BP and proven over diverse applications in the most challenging conditions.

The Well Advisor package can leverage the power of big data from multiple platforms whether in-house or third-party, and is tailored to dovetail with the day-to-day realities of well construction.

Each console in the Well Advisor arsenal covers a specific element of well construction, including casing running, pressure testing, no drilling surprises, cementing, rig site fluid management, drilling operations, rate of penetration, blow-out prevention and completion. And each console is targeted at the unplanned events which, left unchecked, can account for up to a third of overall well construction costs, providing operators with visualization displays and early warning indicators based on real-time data, advanced algorithms, and predictive calculations.

The result is reduced NPT, more timely decisions incorporating a wider technical support group, a standardized workflow that boosts learnings and collaboration with service providers, and enhanced knowledge transfer through consistent analysis, offset reference and experience sharing.


Digital value - empowering human decisions

At Kongsberg Digital we believe there is an art to well construction, a creativity that is deployed by professionals working at the top of their game to achieve excellence in the most difficult conditions imaginable.

Well Advisor taps into that spirit of industrial success, enabling the experience gained from decades of drilling to be put to work in real-time, in an easy-to-understand format, with measurable outcomes and dependable results.

The technology taps into the quality real-time data aggregation and integration of SiteCom, both builds on and reinforces best practice, and provides unrivalled decision support based on digitalization, analytics and visualization.

Because Well Advisor is built on the principle that well construction happens in the real world, with unknowns and surprises around every corner.

And the technology is designed to predict problems before they happen, to increase visibility, provide additional certainty, and lead to better projects.


The value of success

There is value in a success – real, monetary gain in the shape of the NPT events that did not happen, the mistakes that were avoided, the efficiencies introduced, and teamwork reinforced, the experiences gained and the knowledge shared.

That is why Kongsberg Digital has such faith in Well Advisor, in what it offers to the industry today, and where we want to take it forward. We are excited to explore how it can empower users and what can be achieved in the hands of the experts.

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Put data to work with SiteCom® Well Advisor

Morten Hansen

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