New Release of LedaFlow Enhances CO2 Simulation and Connectivity

New Release of LedaFlow Enhances CO2 Simulation and Connectivity

May 1, 2024
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Kongsberg Digital is excited to announce the release of LedaFlow 2.10, offering significant upgrades for phase change modelling, reservoir simulator connectivity, calculation speed, and support for additional features. One of the major updates in this release is the incorporation of a new phase change model.

This model is based on the preservation of enthalpy in each zone and is currently designed to work specifically for single-component systems. The new model offers faster phase change and improved numerical stability, which is especially important for simulations that involve carbon dioxide (CO2) rich fluids.

A new API based on the gRPC framework has been introduced to enable seamless integration between LedaFlow and CMG’s reservoir simulator GEM. This integration empowers users to simulate the complex processes of CO2 transport, injection, and long-term storage in reservoirs with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Thanks to parallelization enhancements, users can now utilize 8 or more CPU cores for slug-capturing calculations, resulting in significantly improved speeds compared to the previous limit of 4 cores.

The latest version of LedaFlow has been updated to include support for PVTsim Nova from Calsep. This expands the range of applications available with LedaFlow to track the fluid composition. Additionally, users can now utilise User-Defined Functions to integrate solid deposition models, such as wax and asphaltenes.

Several improvements have been made to the pigging model, which now include a new input parameter for specifying the mass fraction of wax scraped off the pipe wall called "wax removal efficiency." In addition, new output parameters like the accumulated mass of wax removed by the pig and the flow rates through the bypass have been introduced. These enhancements provide users with comprehensive insights into the simulation results. Finally it is now possible to use the stop simulation controller to stop a simulation when the pig reaches the pig trap.

Many more improvements and bug-fixes are made available in LedaFlow 2.10 and we encourage you to reach out if you would like more information.

The latest release emphasises our dedication to enhancing simulation capabilities and promoting seamless integration with complementary technologies, meeting the evolving needs of the energy industry and other sectors.

Where can LedaFlow 2.10 be downloaded?

LedaFlow users who have a valid Maintenance & Support agreement will soon receive a separate email with a link to download LedaFlow Engineering v2.10.269.038.

Interested in more information?

A webinar is scheduled for next week to showcase the latest advancements in LedaFlow and to address any questions you may have.

Register here: Launch: LedaFlow 2.10 (

Please contact us if you would like to receive the full release notes or try LedaFlow. For technical queries and license requests, please send an email to

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New Release of LedaFlow Enhances CO2 Simulation and Connectivity

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