Kongsberg Digital to Digitalise Brazilian Offshore Vessel Operator Locar

Kongsberg Digital to Digitalise Brazilian Offshore Vessel Operator Locar

December 7, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

Kongsberg Digital has partnered with Locar, a Brazilian offshore vessel operator, to enhance its digital infrastructure and optimize DP operations.

Locar will integrate Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital’s vessel-to-cloud infrastructure to derive valuable data insights from their vessels. This implementation aims to provide Locar with a new level of transparency and optimize fleet performance.

The initial vessel to undergo this digital upgrade is Marina I, a DP2 vessel from Locar's fleet; she will enter service at the beginning of 2024 for Brazilian energy company Petrobras. Vessel Insight will empower Locar with enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities, leading to smarter, safer and greener operations.

The agreement also includes maritime equipment from Kongsberg Maritime. Alongside Vessel Insight, Locar will install Kongsberg Maritime's Single Dynamic Positioning System and the Information Management System K-IMS. These systems will augment Locar's operational capabilities and fortify its partnership with Petrobras.

"We are very proud to partner with Kongsberg to empower our new build DP II vessel Marina I with the state-of-the-art equipment as Vessel Insight leading Locar to industry 4.0. Marina I will support Petrobras on offshore oil loading and discharge hoses inspections, repair and maintenance", says Henrique Bravo, Vice President at Locar.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Locar, a significant participant in the maritime industry of Brazil. Our Vessel Insight platform will make Locar's DP2 vessel smarter by effectively utilizing its data. This partnership underscores our commitment to offering digital solutions to enhance maritime operations worldwide.”, says Christopher Bergsager, VP Growth Global Maritime at Kongsberg Digital.

The strengthened partnership between Kongsberg Digital and Kongsberg Maritime in South America has added value to our customers, addressing their specific requirements, boosting operational efficiency, optimizing asset value, and ensuring safer and more streamlined operations.

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Kongsberg Digital to Digitalise Brazilian Offshore Vessel Operator Locar

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