Kongsberg Digital expands its Capability Center in Bangalore

Kongsberg Digital expands its Capability Center in Bangalore

May 24, 2022
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Since the start in 2016, Kongsberg Digital continues to grow with strong momentum through game changing product innovation, partnerships, and global customer acquisitions. Using the digital technologies together with strong domain expertise, Kongsberg Digital has become one of the leading SaaS companies delivering products to the Energy and maritime industry.

As part of the growth for Kongsberg Digital,  the operations in India has also grown significantly in the past years as part of the overall growth strategy. It has doubled its headcount in the last 3 years and accounts for 1/3rd of the total employees of Kongsberg Digital. As the fastest growing entity, Kongsberg Digital India has witnessed high growth both in terms of employee headcount and KDI?s strategic direction. 

?With stricter regulations and measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses in all sectors, companies will have to focus on reducing emissions. Digitalization and the utilization of data hold an important key for companies to gain control over their emissions, be compliant, optimize production and operations, and reduce emissions. Kongsberg Digital India supports clients in the energy, maritime, and utility sectors all over the world taking on their digital journey, for more cost-effective, safer, and greener operations. With the combination of deep domain knowledge, strong technical skills and industry know-how, and the expansion of our India capability center, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing industries?, said Stein-Roar Sk?nhaug Bj?rnstad, Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Kongsberg Digital.

 ?While the business areas are diverse, the focus is to single-mindedly operate as a strong team that is dedicated to delivering technical excellence at a world-class level. India is a critical base for the success of Kongsberg Digital as a company. India office contributes positively to the company?s top and bottom line through strategic business impact, a strong focus on innovation, a large & diverse talent pool, and the ability to provide differentiated service delivery. Our facility hosts some of the most revered specialized tech talent that cater to both current and futuristic products and will be a critical investment to propel our growth . Last year we grew our headcount by 40% and we see strong growth indications for coming years as well,? said Deepak Kumar Swain, Managing Director, Kongsberg Digital.

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Kongsberg Digital expands its Capability Center in Bangalore

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