Kongsberg Digital and Norwegian Seafood Research Fund successfully concludes a simulator development project to improve safety and prevent loss of fish

Kongsberg Digital and Norwegian Seafood Research Fund successfully concludes a simulator development project to improve safety and prevent loss of fish

May 2, 2024
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Anne Voith
Photo: Kongsberg Digital has launched a new training functionality for purse seine to K-Sim® Fishery, the unique simulator concept providing realistic training and research opportunities to increase safety and performance in the fishing industry. The photo is taken at a demonstration on April 30th at Nordland Vocational School with NN demonstrating the new purse seine functionality.

Horten, May 2nd, 2024 – Kongsberg Digital has concluded a new project funded by FHF (the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund) for the development of its K-Sim Fishery simulator to incorporate a new purse seine application. The new simulator capabilities were demonstrated to the stakeholders at an event hosted by Nordland Vocational School (Lofoten Maritime) in Leknes, Norway on April 30th.

Launched in 2018, K-Sim Fishery is an industry-leading fishery simulator that introduces a whole new level of detail, authenticity, and content for crew training in the techniques and processes of trawl fishing. The initiative facilitates the integration of purse seine capabilities for research, aiming to bolster safety and efficiency in operations. It seeks to enhance fishing gear and methodologies, along with catch and storage procedures, thereby elevating fish quality and mitigating catch losses. The incorporation of a new simulator feature serves as a valuable tool for educating and training individuals in this fishing technique, promoting safer and more sustainable fishing practices.

The project has been led by Kongsberg Digital in partnership with Hordaland Vocational School, Mørenot Austevoll AS, Austevoll Seafood ASA, and Sørheim Holding AS. In addition to sharing indispensable advice and industry knowledge, these partners have provided data input and assisted with system testing and verification.

“Close cooperation with the industry has been instrumental in maximising real-life situations with the simulated equipment,” comments Bjarne Wulff, Product Advisor in Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital. “I’m proud to demonstrate what we have achieved in this project and assure you that we will continue to develop the K-Sim Fishery simulator to meet future industry demands.”

Following the completion of the purse seine development project, the new functionality will be installed in several education establishments. Trainees using the K-Sim Fishery simulator will build competence and benefit from the realistic and immersive exercises of purse seine fishing in addition to trawl and long-line techniques. Advanced hydrodynamic modeling of the vessel and equipment will, for example, precisely replicate the effects of waves and tidal currents affecting the execution of their tasks. The consequent honing of skills among crew members will further improve the overall safety, efficiency, and economy in these types of fishery operations.

“Today´s fishing operations are advanced and require highly competent crew on board the vessels. By adding the new purse seine functionality, even more, commercial fishermen can now access valuable training to increase safety and efficiency as well as provide a more sustainable approach to operations. We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of the fishing industry, which is crucial for a large proportion of the world's population,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, Managing Director, Kongsberg Digital.

“The simulator allows the crew on a boat to practice all phases of purse seine operations, without exposing them to risks or equipment damage,” says Rita Naustvik, Director R&D Fisheries of the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF).

“As a former fisherman, I have personally witnessed the importance of having the opportunity to practice these operations,” she confirms. "Training in the use of purse seines through a simulator will be cost-effective and, most importantly, a crucial measure to prevent harm to both crew and equipment."

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Kongsberg Digital and Norwegian Seafood Research Fund successfully concludes a simulator development project to improve safety and prevent loss of fish

Anne Voith

Global Head of Marketing & Communications
Maritime Simulation


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