Kongsberg Digital and Keystone join forces for industry-first data optimization partnership

Kongsberg Digital and Keystone join forces for industry-first data optimization partnership

October 18, 2022
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Henning Hammer Torp

Kongsberg Digital and Keystone have combined their software expertise to form an industry-first technology partnership, enabling real time wells and planning data to be combined and contextualised to power more valuable workflows leading to optimized drilling operations.

By combining both company’s well application portfolios, Kongsberg Digital and Keystone’s partnership represents an important step change in industry standards. Well data is combined and contextualised to provide well plans using Keystone’s SmartHUB. Utilising its Industrial Work Surface Kongsberg Digital provides a detailed picture of the real time well operation through an interoperable platform.This increased accuracy and consistency of available data in a single open platform helps teams to leverage real-time data, the latest and most consistent information, and embedded analytics tools for well operations.

Shane McArdle, CEO at Kongsberg Digital said: “Kongsberg Digital’s partnership with Keystone will enable customers to develop more effective planning, execution and learnings in well operations. Together we will make data and insights easily available in real time for end users to use to make better decisions.

“In the past, planning data and real time data for wells was stored in different silos and not combined. Our strategic partnership with Keystone will bring the context and verified actions from planning data to the real time data harnessed by Kongsberg Digital’s applications. The real time data will bring actual numbers to the planning and execution phases of digital operation procedures, bringing value to our clients by providing a holistic overview of well operations, as well as verification of adherence to procedure.”, McArdle says.

Jan Isaachsen, CEO of Keystone, said: “Our collaboration with Kongsberg Digital is a perfect match between technologies already proven in the industry. Drilling engineers will finally be able to have a full picture of actual vs planned data, enabling dynamic use of all available data for real time operations optimization, and the continuous improvement of the planning of new wells.”

Disrupting the ways of working

By combining the know-how from Kongsberg Digital and Keystone, we are creating a new way of interacting with Drilling and Well operations. This will make an important step in changing how the industry is working today and tomorrow, enabling more cost-efficient and sustainable operations.

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Kongsberg Digital and Keystone join forces for industry-first data optimization partnership

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