Kongsberg Digital adds Propulsion Analytics? performance tools to Kognifai Marketplace

Kongsberg Digital adds Propulsion Analytics? performance tools to Kognifai Marketplace

November 15, 2022
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Propulsion Analytics supplies market-leading applications in performance management and energy efficiency for the maritime industry.

The Engine Hyper Cube? application is an engine performance management and fault diagnosis tool. It uses a thermodynamic digital twin of any engine (main and/or auxiliary engines) to enable engine optimization, as well as early detection and localization of faults. VesselQUAD? combines machine learning with thermodynamic modeling to provide the most accurate performance evaluation and decision support tool for a vessel and its engine.

?Kongsberg Digital and Propulsion Analytics have the common objective of digitalizing maritime industries. Our joint expertise will serve the maritime industry well in our mission to reduce carbon emissions and ensure operational excellence. Propulsion Analytics is an expert at data analysis with the aim to enhance vessel operations,? says Kim Evanger, Vice President of Maritime Partnerships at Kongsberg Digital.

The Kognifai Marketplace allows clients to choose digital applications for their vessels or fleets, backed by a robust and secure data infrastructure supplied by Kongsberg Digital. All applications on the Kognifai Marketplace are supported by Kongsberg?s Vessel Insight data infrastructure.

?Our focus on providing top-level performance analysis, fault diagnostics and decision support solutions matches very well with the Kongsberg Digital offering, which aims to standardise and contextualise vessel data, and caters to a very wide range of customers. Through our collaboration we aim to decrease uncertainty and facilitate data-driven decisions to the ever-expanding fleet of connected vessels, supporting our common visions of increasing efficiency and reducing emissions in the maritime sector,? says Stratos Tzanos, General Manager at Propulsion Analytics.

Propulsion Analytics is an innovative company in the area of performance management, energy efficiency optimization and maintenance decision support for the maritime industry. They use digital twins based on thermodynamic simulation models in conjunction with machine learning techniques. Their digital twins are used for vessel and engine performance assessment, fault diagnostics and optimisation in service, with the aim to increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce emissions of seagoing vessels.

Propulsion Analytics has a worldwide footprint through collaborations with major corporations, including the Swiss engine maker Winterthur Gas & Diesel-WinGD, for which we have developed an on-engine real-time engine diagnostic system based on their core technology.

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Kongsberg Digital adds Propulsion Analytics? performance tools to Kognifai Marketplace

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