Get to know Marianne Blikø

Get to know Marianne Blikø

January 1, 2022
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"Power Woman of the year 2021" = Kraftkvinnen 2021."Kraftkvinnene" was established in March 2019 and has many members from various companies. The network arranges meetings every six months and is an arena for networking. There are professional and engaging presentations at the gatherings.The network is for all women in the renewable energy industry, from all disciplines and business areas in the energy companies and associated actors such as suppliers, advisory environments, and authorities/administration.Last year Kongsberg Digital hired almost 300 people in India, the USA, Hong Kong, and Norway ? to mention a few countries. While we are looking forward to once again meeting our colleagues face to face, or for the first time for many of us, let?s kill some time in this pandemic by getting to know who?s working in KDI; who they are, what they do, and what they are expecting to achieve together with all of us in the coming years.First out is Marianne Blik?. Before Christmas, Marianne was nominated to?Power Woman of the year 2021?by Energy Norway, Norway?s main branch organization for renewable energy. So, to say the least, Marianne will for sure make a footprint in KDI, the renewable & utilities community ? and maybe Norwegians? electricity bill?Marianne is 31 years old, born and raised in Trondheim in the middle part of Norway. She moved to Oslo from Trondheim when she began her job at KDI in October 2021 as Growth Manager Renewables & Utilities. She got a Master?s degree in Energy & Environmental Engineering from NTNU University, and before joining KDI, Marianne worked as chief engineer in Tensio, the powergridcompanyin Tr?ndelag county.WHO IS MARIANNE??I like staying outdoors, traveling, and enjoying the city. One of my main interests is scuba diving, but the Oslofjord, unfortunately, can?t be compared to the coast of Tr?ndelag when it comes to marine life. Luckily Oslo is much more alive above the surface! I?m still looking forward to exploring ?Marka?, the hills and forests surrounding Oslo, much more. In general, I like to enjoy the city as much as I can, and especially visiting the library. At home I love using my sewing machine or watching a movie ? sometimes doing both at the same time. And of course, I never skip a conversation regarding the power grid system or the ever-on-going debate regarding the energy prices here in Norway.?


?The world is facing huge challenges, and it was important for me to be working at a place where I can develop solutions for a broad specter of clients and customers, making my, and our, impact as great as possible. After working as an electrical engineer in Tensio for four years, I had learned a lot about the energy industry and I enjoyed working with the sector. Though, I didn?t want to get too settled and felt I maybe needed a change to use my skills and education in the best possible way.?


?I saw this ad from KDI on LinkedIn saying, ?are you looking for your next smart career move??, and then I started to look into it more. I knew a bit about KDI from before and based on what I could read and what others told me, this was a place where I could work in a lean and creative environment, and where a disruptive mindset holds the key to taking the business forward. I basically found what I was looking for. The Kongsberg Group is a well know trademark both in Norway and overseas, with great career possibilities, which made it clear to me that if I got this job, I would move from Trondheim to Oslo to be a part of a great journey.?


?First of all, I am looking forward to everything that we are going to do together and get to know my colleagues (hopefully in real life, not at Teams), but most of all to be working in a forward-leaning technology company. I almost still haven?t been at our new offices at Lysaker, so that is of course something I am looking very much forward to, in addition, to be working across different areas and sectors within Kongsberg Digital. I expect that KDI will consist of the best people also in the future and that our clients and partners will know that Kongsberg Digital equals quality ? in addition to everyone else learning about KDI!?

Make sure to check outMarianne?s LinkedIn profile here!Also, please check out her webinar?Why grid companies must act now to keep up with the energy transition?to learn more about her and the energy transition.Do you want to work in Kongsberg Digital? Visit ourLinkedIn pageto see all available jobs, and learn more about KDI onour website. For more articles, blogs, and information you can have yourself a read right here.

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Get to know Marianne Blikø

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