Empowering Success in the Maritime Industry: A Conversation with Ivonne Auerbach

Empowering Success in the Maritime Industry: A Conversation with Ivonne Auerbach

June 5, 2023
Time to read: 8 minutes
Morten Hansen

We are thrilled to feature Ivonne Auerbach, a remarkable individual recognized as one of the "10 Women to Watch in Shipping 2023." Ivonne's accomplishments and expertise in the maritime industry make her a true inspiration and role model for aspiring professionals.

In the recently released video, Ivonne shares valuable insights on various aspects of the industry. She discusses how she stays updated with the latest developments and trends, highlighting the importance of daily publications, industry conferences, and social networks such as LinkedIn. Ivonne’s dedication to staying informed enables her to navigate the dynamic and exciting landscape of the maritime industry.

As a client success at Kongsberg Digital, Ivonne sheds light on ensuring clients achieve their goals and objectives using the company’s innovative solutions. Ivonne can provide tailored support and guidance by prioritizing an understanding of the client’s businesses, needs, and long-term visions. She emphasizes the significance of clear objectives and a cross-organizational customer success mentality, placing customers at the forefront of everything they do.

Building and maintaining strong relationships is another crucial aspect of Ivonne’s success. She emphasizes the importance of patience and stability in the digitalization journey of the maritime industry. Ivonne believes in consistent communication, delivering on promises, and expressing client appreciation. These actions help establish trust and foster long-term partnerships, contributing to personal and professional success.

Additionally, Ivonne shares three valuable pieces of advice for women seeking success in the maritime industry. Her insights include the following:

  • Focusing on skills and experience rather than age or gender.
  • Embracing growth opportunities.
  • Building a solid network of mentors and peers.

Watch the full video to gain further insights from Ivonne Auerbach and be inspired by her journey in the maritime industry.

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Empowering Success in the Maritime Industry: A Conversation with Ivonne Auerbach

Morten Hansen

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