Meet us at CANSEC 2024

Meet us at CANSEC 2024

May 29, 2024
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Anne Voith

Join us in Ottawa from 29-30 May

CANSEC showcases leading-edge technology, products, and services for land-based, naval, aerospace, and joint forces military units. This two-day event is the largest and most important defense industry trade show in Canada.

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At CANSEC we will be present with several experts from different divisions of the KONGSBERG Group.

  • Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace Naval will be demonstrating Kongsberg Vanguard solutions for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard. Learn more
  • Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace Missiles provides state of the art missiles for ships, trucks, fighter aircraft and naval helicopters. Stealth, high-G agility and Automatic Target Recognition for the future. Learn more
  • Kongsberg Geospatial will showcase its TerraLens DSF (Decision Support Framework). This is an advanced toolkit designed to streamline and elevate the process of developing Command and Control (C2) display systems. By leveraging TerraLens DSF, developers can redefine how they approach real-time C2 display creation, ensuring systems are not only robust but also highly adaptable to changing requirements. Learn more
  • Kongsberg Maritime delivers the components, systems, and mission-critical products to future-proof your operations – ensuring your vessel can act faster, and flexibly and remain relevant in this new naval age. Trusted by more than 70 navies worldwide, home of the renowned Kamewa propulsion and pioneers of the full ocean space, Kongsberg Maritime has an unrivaled understanding of the technologies needed to increase your interoperability, autonomy, and efficiency. Learn more
  • Kongsberg Discovery will be showcasing our best-in-class monitoring, detection and communication tools that meet the highest standards for naval operations. These solutions include subsea mapping, and sensors and robotics for autonomous data collection as well as visualization for actionable intelligence to enhance and secure communications. This includes the HUGIN Edge AUV model we will have on display – stop by to learn more! Learn more
  • Kongsberg Digital will be demonstrating K-Sim Navigation, the immersive ship’s bridge simulator ensuring safe and realistic training in navigation and ship handling with specific features for the Navies. The unit also provides other simulator solutions for Fast Craft and Engine Room. Learn more

EY Centre, Ottawa, Canada
29-30 May, 2024

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Meet us at CANSEC 2024

Anne Voith

Global Head of Marketing & Communications
Maritime Simulation

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