Realise the digital promise using a Digital Performance Model

Move beyond tactical digitalisation and proofs-of-concept to total digital business transformation with a digital performance model (DPM) in place that delivers the missing piece – at scale, hard Return on Asset (ROA) returns.

Evaluate Your Organisations Industrial Performance

Get a holistic

Run your business better

By embracing a DPM, companies can realise substantial Return on Asset (ROA) gains, including OPEX reductions by up to 50%, support workforce productivity savings by up to 30%, and a 20% decrease in engineering costs.


Improve how work is done

Transformative digital services embedded into orchestrated and automated workflows enable higher-quality, clock-speed decision-making across end-to-end operations.

Break Down

Multiply returns exponentially while sitting at the forefront of innovation

Organisations can extend the DPM framework across their value chains to multiply returns exponentially… again and again… as more and more suppliers co-innovate together and become integrated digitally.

Achieve game-changing performance and bottom-line impact in three iterative steps. Strengthen competitive performance​, ensure asset integrity​, improve surveillance, advance sustainability​ efforts and much more.

  • Step 1: Design digitally
  • Step 2: Deploy optimally
  • Step 3: Deliver exponentially

Step 1: Design Digitally

Identify business value drivers and design digitally to achieve them

→ Identify business value at the outset

Identify and prioritise top gaps and value drivers upfront, such as price, volume, fiscals, CAPEX and OPEX. Then narrow down opportunities with the Pareto 80/20 rule and assess hard ROA potential.

→ Rethink and redefine business processes

Rethink how you work, organise your resources, and coordinate decision-making.  

Bold organisations leverage this opportunity to redefine their business processes from the ground up, and leading organisations use these capabilities to drive innovation and new levels of performance across their complete portfolio.

→ Become a digital first organisation

With the new processes defined you become ready to strategically design for digital performance. Leave tactical practices behind in using digital as a bolt-on to existing ways of working.

→ Put the digital foundation in place

Establish digital connectivity and build a digital representation of assets that provides complete data visibility across upstream, midstream and downstream operations and decarbonisation initiatives.

Step 2: Deploy Optimally

Enable clock-speed, higher-quality decision-making

→ Benefit from a ROA focus upfront

By blueprinting processes and ROA upfront and starting with simple, low-risk changes, you can gradually digitally scale with predictable returns while introducing greater degrees of autonomy as each new digital service matures. 

→ Enable proactive decisions

Pull critical decision-making performance management aspects together to foster proactive decision-making, enable quick adjustments to stay on track, and address issues identified through individual workflows and at all levels. Digital business processes provide a frame for services to be initiated, transparently tracked, and directly linked to results. 

→ Multiply business impact

Digital services deployed through the DPM focus on the key things that are either hindering your organisation from realising business value or the things that drive the most value to deliver hard, bottom line returns within 6 to 12 months.

Run operations with greater excellence

→ Deploy digital services and move towards autonomy

Aid and offload operations, maintenance and engineering with orchestrated and automated digital services that improve consistency and business performance. Once industrial services become predictable, they can enable preventative maintenance, decarbonisation initiatives and autonomous operations.

→ Harness the power of generative AI

A DPM that includes LLM and generative AI provides a more efficient and effective way to run your business.  Intelligence and links directly to digital services and results, opening up a higher order of magnitude in bottom line impact.

→ Empower workers daily

The deployed technologies and workflows become integrated into daily work, changing behavior and optimising processes. Workers also gain always-on access to simulation, analytics, LLM and generative AI capabilities. The complexity of the enabling digital technologies is invisible to workers while empowering them and their teams daily.

Step 3: Deliver Exponentially

→ Transform performance enterprise and value-chain-wide

Once the DPM is in place at scale, companies gain complete visibility into whether their organisation is having a good day, week, or quarter with the ability to take corrective action. Level up competitive performance with the ability to manage and optimise operations and decision-making across the portfolio, spanning upstream, downstream and midstream operations and decarbonisation initiatives.

→ Co-innovate for a better future

Kongsberg Digital has developed and de-risked the DPM with market leaders for transformative impact. We are strategically partnering with our customers to strengthen their profitability, sustainability and resiliency while driving standards at an ecosystem level to move the industry forward faster and better together.

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