Reinventing the wheel

Reinventing the wheel

January 11, 2022
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Morten Hansen

As progressive humans navigating through the 21st century, we like doing things to the wheel – especially at the start of the year, when people are thinking about resolutions, dreams, and goals for the year ahead. So the wheel is dutifully grabbed between Christmas and February as people start to reinvent it, re-shape it, stack another wheel on the first wheel, erase half of the wheel and re-build it with stronger materials, place a second wheel inside the first, and then a third wheel inside the second, lay the wheel flat (or was it flat already?)… the possibilities are endless, and that’s a good thing! Our world would be a lot less interesting if we just left the wheel alone.

The digital wheel

What did Kongsberg Digital do with the wheel? For several years we’ve been adding technology, and we’ll keep doing that in 2022. Top-notch, transformative, next-generation smart technology that builds dynamic digital twins to model heavy-asset industry facilities and their behaviours in the cloud.

Our SaaS solution provides a seamless interface for you to make informed data-driven decisions backed by hybrid machine learning and real-time data capture.

Our flagship software Kognitwin is making it easy for you to unlock accurate reporting and a wealth of analytics to accelerate your digital uptake – all while cutting costs, enabling workers to connect across your organization from anywhere in the world, and delivering on net-zero ambitions.

Your mission, our vision
Our vision is to support our existing and new customers in their mission to reimagine the way they work throughout 2022. We will continue to:

Power sophisticated software that supports transparent, accurate ESG reporting by combining Kognitwin with the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Enable new sustainable energies through Kognitwin’s ability to contextualize a full range of assets including hydrogen, Offshore Wind, and Electrification

Offer mobile and desktop applications for energy management and training across facility assets, to be used by anyone at anytime whether they are onshore, offshore, or working from home

Ensure high-quality real-time data and predictions, dynamic simulations, and easy access to monitoring and reporting capabilities within our single-interface industrial work surface

Support our customers with our domain knowledge and experience in our position as a stable technology provider for digital solutions in the energy industry

From building digital replicas aided by our new partner FutureOn and launching innovation projects for increased grid utilization to putting sophisticated smart contracts in place by partnering with Data Gumbo, we’re leveraging technology and innovation at groundbreaking speed to provide successful solutions that will transform the digital landscape for energy sources into the future.

The perfect balance
Are you overwhelmed by the idea of a digital wheel that’s spinning out the software at full speed? Don’t be. Yes, we are rethinking the way companies work within the energy industry to make it smarter and technology is the cornerstone of what we do.

And while manual work that people do is increasingly taken over by digital solutions, it needs to be clear that people are not being replaced – rather, they are being enabled.

We put in the energy and resources available across our teams of experts to ensure that a fine balance exists: automation and technological innovation is used so that anyone in your facility can leverage technology for faster transactions, better data quality, and higher trust within your organization for now and the future. Maybe you don’t need to reinvent the wheel this year to gain the competitive edge and achieve renewable energy success – our digital wheel is here for you to use.

Renewed energy

A fresh start comes once a year. We hope you’ve renewed your energy by resting over the holiday time because we’re going full steam ahead – our calendars are filling up with planning for exciting events like webinars, conferences, product releases, and more. Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for the latest updates as we continue to produce exciting content to support your digital energy transformation. To get news delivered straight to your inbox, you can also sign up for our newsletter. Here’s to a year of sustainable success!

Shane McArdle is the SVP Digital Energy at Kongsberg Digital. Combining deep domain knowledge and broad business background, he has extensive experience in driving Digital Transformation for organizations within the oil and gas, new energy and maritime sectors. Shane is a trusted advisor to help organizations to adopt new technologies and services moving the industry forward with their digital roadmaps.

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Reinventing the wheel

Morten Hansen

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