Kongsberg Digital launches a new application to optimize drilling and well operations in real time

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Kongsberg Digital launches a new application to optimize drilling and well operations in real time

October 31, 2022
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Henning Hammer Torp

Kongsberg Digital has launched a new application at ADIPEC, which will enable operators in the energy sector to follow their key performance indicator (KPI) progress on drilling and well operations in real time.

Invisible lost time (ILT) – the difference between actual operational duration and a best practice target – is a known challenge when delivering wells. Without effective measurement, it is impossible to optimize best practice processes. KPIs are a proven method of increasing well delivery time efficiency and reducing costs through target-driven metrics. By using a proprietary algorithm, real time data and conditions-based logic can be integrated, analysed, and applied to track bespoke KPIs and identify further areas for efficiencies across teams, processes, and technology.  

This holistic, target driven performance analysis across multiple operations, covering various rigs and wellbores, quickly removes human bias and monitors real time performance, providing a high level, easy to interpret view of project status.  

As an industrial software company, Kongsberg Digital provides SaaS solutions to enable asset-to-cloud data infrastructure, automatic contextualization, capturing and aggregating quality data cost-effectively and securely.  

The KPI application will be offered as part of the company’s innovative SiteCom platform, utilizing its Industrial Work Surface to provide complete ecosystem for safer and reliable drilling and wells operations, leveraging decades of experience and complex data to enable effective and efficient decision-making.  

By combining crew information and operational reporting, Kongsberg Digital KPI application benefits from an additional layer of qualification and testing.

Pedro Alcântara Nunes Neto, Senior Vice President at Kongsberg Digital, said: “Providing the industry a joint Industrial Work Surface to optimize workflows and operations is how digitalization really proves its value. Our new KPI application proactively conceptualizes holistic solutions to provide real-time data, predictive tools, processes, and expertise to our customers’ fingertips, ensuring workers are able to translate real-time data on performance indicators into appropriate actions, across the world.”

ADIPEC is an important and strategic event for Kongsberg Digital. The UAE and the wider region are vitally important to ensure global energy security, and one in which we want to extend our geographic footprint.”

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Kongsberg Digital launches a new application to optimize drilling and well operations in real time

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