KDI optimizes the value of joint industry solutions together with C3 AI

KDI optimizes the value of joint industry solutions together with C3 AI

March 5, 2022
Time to read: 8 minutes
Morten Hansen

In 2021 Kongsberg Digital (KDI) joined the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of AI-based solutions launched by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft to drive scalability in industrial AI and accelerate digital transformation for the energy and process industries. As a leading provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers in maritime, oil and gas, and renewables, Kongsberg Digital offers complementary solutions as part of the initiative to help transform the energy industry.

In continued support of the OAI goals to solve the data challenge and scale AI in the energy industry, KDI provides advanced digital twin functionality to further optimize the value of enterprise AI applications. We have recently proved the concept of integrating our industrial work surface Kognitwin with C3 AI across multiple workflows to provide an enriched experience to end users.

Through successful bi-directional integration, users can combine the comprehensive platform offered by C3 AI for the development, deployment, and operation of enterprise AI applications with the industrial work surface offered by Kognitwin.

The feasibility of joint solutions increases cross-navigation between applications with intuitive interface capabilities to move us one step closer towards the plant of tomorrow. Now users can apply intelligent digital twin capabilities across systems for contextualized industrial data that unlocks sustainable operations, streamlined value chains, and portfolio-wide insights – available in one unified work surface that can be accessed from any geo-location.

Kognitwin is an industrial work surface where users can connect and collaborate in a digital twin setting to operate and maintain their assets. Leverage cutting-edge technology for deeper insights, dynamic simulations, and more autonomous operations. Reimagine the way you work.  

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KDI optimizes the value of joint industry solutions together with C3 AI

Morten Hansen

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