Offshore Technology Conference Brazil

Offshore Technology Conference Brazil

October 17, 2023
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Event: Offshore Technology Conference Brazil (OTC Brasil – Offshore Technology Conference)

Dates: 24-26 October 2023

Local: EXPO MAG – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The OTC Brazil event, also known as the Offshore Technology Conference Brazil, is an event organized by IBP in partnership with OTC and aims to attract leading experts, offshore E&P, and technology professionals and companies to share knowledge, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and discuss industry trends. OTC Brazil typically features a wide range of technical sessions, panel discussions, and exhibitions related to offshore exploration, production, and technology innovation. This event plays a crucial role in collaboration and networking and the advancement of offshore energy solutions in Brazil and the wider global industry.

Our Agenda includes 2 participations: 1 panel and 1 presentation at Decarbonization Arena.

1. Participation in a Panel will be on October 25th 9:30 AM-12PM

Speaker: Carolina Barros, Growth Director

Title: “Digitalized Deepwater Production Facilities for South America- Challenges and Opportunities from Digital Twins”

Digitalization of deepwater production facilities has been determined as an effective way to significantly reduce the life-cycle costs, enhance production levels, enable remote operations, improve personnel safety, and reduce environmental pollution. At the OTC Brazil 2019, the ASME Subcommittee held a panel session on this topic and presented a comprehensive overview of infrastructure required, pioneering initiatives and challenges in digitalization of deepwater production facilities in Brazil.  This year’s panel will focus on lessons learned from building robust and trustworthy Digital Twins for use in making critical operational decisions over the life of a field.  The role of AI/ML and Bayesian methods will be identified.  The industry initiatives to develop standards for digitalization and digital twins for offshore production systems will be discussed.  The opportunities, challenges and lessons learned from their implementation in recent FPSO projects will be highlighted.

2. Decarbonization Arena together with Innovation Norway •
Presentation on October 26th 2:30pm-3pm

Title: "Dealing with data, decarbonization, and day-to-day operations”

Part 1: Delivering Net Zero through Digital Twin

Part 2: Accelerating CCS technology with Energy Simulation  

Speaker: Carolina Barros, Growth Director

Topic: How digital twins contribute to reducing an organization's carbon footprint through emission transparency, advanced predictive methodology, and sophisticated data analytics.

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Offshore Technology Conference Brazil

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