Kongsberg Digital AS and its Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI) partners; C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell, Create AI-Infused Digital Twin Solution for Remote Operation Centres

Kongsberg Digital AS and its Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI) partners; C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell, Create AI-Infused Digital Twin Solution for Remote Operation Centres

October 11, 2023
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Henning Hammer Torp

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands & OSLO, Norway & REDWOOD CITY, Calif. & REDMOND, Wash. & SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— KONGSBERG (XOSL: KOG), C3 AI (NYSE:AI), Microsoft (NYSE:MSFT), Databricks, and Shell Global Solutions B.V., through their Open AI Energy collaboration, have developed a digital twin technology solution that can help transform work processes in the energy industry with AI-driven remote operations.

As a part of the Open AI Energy Initiative, Kongsberg Digital, C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell have collaborated to create an advanced remote monitoring centre proof of concept, designed to offer real-time visualization of asset performance. The innovative center is anticipated to accelerate the benefits of the digital twin, integrating with Shell’s operational processes and digital innovation with advanced capabilities that can enhance the productivity of operational experts.

Kongsberg Digital’s Kognitwin is a digital twin software solution that enables large-scale industrial companies to change how they work by taking advantage of opportunities in their data. Since 2020, Shell has been implementing the solution across its global asset portfolio, using the technology to bring new ways of working by increasing the level of insight and contextual data into asset operations across the landscape of industrial business workflows.

The Kognitwin solution will now come with integrated proactive technical monitoring through Kongsberg Digital's Industrial Work Surface. This integration comes equipped with advanced workflow support, enabling users to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve issues. Additionally, the solution has introduced advanced visualisation and simulation capabilities. It uses open-source extensions with real-time data and provides insights across organisation’s asset portfolios. By incorporating C3 AI's predictive maintenance capabilities and integrating them with the Kognitwin platform, it can proactively identify issues with the help of AI. All these features are backed by Microsoft's Azure cloud, enabling seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Teams. It uses Generative AI APIs provided by Microsoft to create a seamless chat interface with the underlying Kognitwin platform.

Shane McArdle, CEO Kongsberg Digital said: "We are thrilled to collaborate with our Open AI Energy partners to introduce advanced digital twin functionality that helps improve the way work is performed. We are especially excited about putting data to work by bringing AI-generated insights from C3 AI into the context of industrial workflows in the remote operations space. With the combined capabilities of Kongsberg Digital, C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell we are bringing a standardised digital twin architecture, as well as integrations and functionalities to market that allow industrial companies to leapfrog their own innovation initiatives."

“C3 AI has been enabling the digital transformation in the oil and gas industry for years, and the success of this AI-based remote monitoring solution exemplifies the power that AI can bring to legacy industries and demonstrates why projects like the Open AI Energy Initiative are vital to the future of this industry,” said C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel. “Investing in remote asset operations is already one of the best decisions an oil and gas company can make, and choosing a solution that infuses AI to deliver intelligent, safer, decision-making tools for operators is visionary.”

"Databricks provides an open data foundation that enables companies to bring analytics and AI to places where it's most needed - often in remote locations. Data is a core feature of Digital Twins and the Databricks Lakehouse vastly simplifies the processing of complex datasets at a global scale on a secure and governed foundation. We are excited to collaborate with the Open AI Energy Initiative partners to enable even higher safety, productivity, and performance standards in the energy industry,” said Shiv Trisal, Global Industry Lead - Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Databricks.

“Our partnership with Shell, Kongsberg, and other esteemed partners showcases the value and impact of remote operations, allowing experts to manage assets from safe, non-hazardous environments. With the power of Azure and our exciting AI capabilities, we're not just facilitating seamless technological integration but also ensuring the well-being of our workforce. Together, we're optimizing assets, reducing emissions, and advancing towards our shared sustainability goals in a new era of proactive asset management. This is the future we envision through the Industrial Metaverse motion, and we're thrilled to be shaping it alongside our partners," said Andy Pratt, CVP Emerging Technologies, Microsoft.

“Over the past few years, Shell has been using remote centres to proactively monitor our global asset portfolio to help identify anomalies and prevent issues before they occur. This approach has been highly successful, helping to avoid lost production and prevent operational failures. Shell and our OAI Energy members, including Kongsberg Digital, C3 AI, Microsoft, and Databricks collaborated to develop an advanced remote monitoring centre. This innovative facility is designed to use our asset data at global scale in combination with next generation AI technology. This will provide real-time visualisation of asset performance, rapid detection of anomalies, improved inspection capabilities through robotics, and asset optimisation capabilities that can enhance production and improve energy efficiency”, said Dan Jeavons, VP Computational Science and Digital Innovation in Shell.

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Kongsberg Digital AS and its Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI) partners; C3 AI, Microsoft, Databricks, and Shell, Create AI-Infused Digital Twin Solution for Remote Operation Centres

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