Future Digital Twin USA

Future Digital Twin USA

September 21, 2023
Time to read: 8 minutes
Cathrine Teilman

This conference & expo is all about exploring digital twin technology and how it can be applied specifically to the American market. What are the steps needed to incorporate a digital twin into your business? How can you create a digital twin identity, and implement a collaborative and productive working culture that champions best practices throughout the product lifecycle? This is the place to get answers to your questions.

Dive into discussions about digital twins as a central system of engagement, learn about data interoperability, explore AI-enabled digital twins, and not least – forge meaningful connections with professionals from diverse backgrounds across the industry.

Be sure to attend the ‘In Conversation’ session featuring Kongsberg Digital CEO Shane McArdle. Register to reserve your spot: Future Digital Twin USA Event Passes | Future Oil & Gas (futureoilgas.com)

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Future Digital Twin USA

Cathrine Teilman



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